More Bathroom Updates!

Between the fresh look of the mirror and the high flying curtain, I was really on a roll in the upstairs bathroom. Why yes I did just laugh out loud at myself for that one. Cue drum and cymbal.

I returned to my beloved can of spray paint for a quick and easy makeover for those chrometastic fixtures.

bathroom fixtures before


I used Rustoleum Metallic in Flat Burnish Amber (closest match to the new shower curtain rod) to cover all the towel/toilet paper roll holders and the hardware on the vanity.

spray paint your bathroom fixtures

updated bathroom fixtures with spray paint

vanity hardware update


Just a simple change, but it makes the room feel more cohesive. I’m still in need of a new rug though. I’ve been looking for weeks, but nothing is jumping out at me. Of course you’ll be the first to know when it does!

Gettin’ a Lift

With the new rustic mirror frame in the upstairs bath, I was inspired to make some other changes. The colorful towels and shower curtain just didn’t go with the new vibe at all.

bathroom before makeover

I went on the hunt for some new threads – but an ordinary shower curtain wouldn’t do. I wanted to get some mega height here, so I hit up Ross for some window curtains. I also purchased a new rod (the other one was looking kind of awful and wouldn’t match the new curtains).

I didn’t really know how I was going to put it all together, so I just started with hanging the curtains up as high as possible. I still needed to have a liner, but of course those are only 72″ versus the 84″ I  just hung. I know they make XL shower curtain liners but 1) they are pricey and 2) they aren’t readily available.

But I refused to give up my height! I decided the best way to avoid an XL liner was to hang my shortie lower. How’s that for stating the obvious? Using another rod would be too noticeable against my sheer-ish curtains. Plus, I wanted the curtains and liner to move together like they usually do. So I got out some trusty cotton twine and rigged this up:

extra high shower curtain trick

Granted, this is super rough – but the inside of the shower view doesn’t really bother me. It’s our master, so guests don’t use it. You could rig this up with wire, string, even fishing line. Use those long plant hanger basket hooks if you want. It totally works.

bathroom updates - hang your curtains high

My shower/tub is one of those all-in-ones, so it’s not really fancy enough to leave exposed by pushing the curtains to the sides. But, you could cut a standard liner in half and show off some tile work if you have it!

I’m loving the new more sophisticated look :) What do you think?

Hang A High Shower Curtain without an XL Liner

Just A Little Chop

vanity to nightstands

So I recently bought this: And then did this: More work to follow!  

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Happy Fourth of July!

4th-of-July 1

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Gallery of E

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DIY Weathered Table Finish

teal layered chippy paint finish

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DIY Rustic Mirror Frame

DIY Removable Wood Mirror Frame

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tea towel with citrus stamps

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Whole Life Challenge Recipe: Fudgesicles!

Paleo Fudgesicles

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