Lighter And Brighter With GE reveal Bulbs!

If you remember back in January I hosted a giveaway for some of GE’s new reveal bulbs, and I mentioned I was going to receive some to try out in my own home. Well, here they are :)

GE reveal

I was really excited to see the difference they would make as I have several friends who swear by them. To give them the ultimate test, I put them in the guest room. That room has only one window and barely gets any natural light. One thing I noticed right away is that these bulbs have a slightly blue hue. I think I’d prefer to use them in a covered fixture or under a lamp shade in the future.

GE reveal light bulbs 1

Here’s how the room looks with the ordinary light bulbs. I did not change the brightness or temperature at all on the following photos (just re-sized and added text).

regular bulbs

After I snapped some before shots, I switched out the bulbs. The minute I turned them on, I could not believe the difference! I tried my best to capture it in photos, hopefully you can tell…the best way I can describe it is that 1) they are brighter and 2) the light that they cast leaves colors more true. Less yellowy.

GE reveal light bulbs

Here is a side by side:

side by side

The difference is way more obvious in person, and I’m probably going to get more of these for the house. It seems to make a difference in how much editing I have to do to a photo to get the lighting correct. Most of the rooms in my house are hard to photograph in natural light (its VERY weather dependent), and when I turn on a lamp or overhead light, I get that yellow hue that I have to then remove in post-processing. The reveal bulbs give me a much truer light to work with. Better light= better photos! Have any of you tried these bulbs yet?

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12th Time’s A Charm

Is there a space in your house that just absolutely drives you nuts? No matter what you do it never looks right? You scour the internet for ways to improve it, but nothing proves successful?

For me, it’s that totally annoying and completely unnecessary space above the kitchen cabinets. It’s not big enough to add another set of cabinets, but big enough to look weird and empty if left alone. For years I’ve tried all manner of decorating tricks, but it still just looked like a mess.


I was so tired of the way it looked that I pulled everything down and started from scratch. As my collection of china and serving pieces has grown quite a bit, I decided to use only my clear glass and some aluminum accents in the space and removed all other “decorative” items. I added some dark baskets for contrast and storage. It took me a little while to arrange things, but once I simplified the “ingredients,” it came together much more easily. I love the result, it’s clean and functional. What do you think?

decorating the space above kitchen cabinets


space above kitchen cabinets


extra storage on top of cabinets



Do any of you struggle with this space? I have thought about building in open shelving that finishes with crown, but really I’m not ready to get that into it. If it was just a couple of inches taller, I could stack another set of short cabinets on top (like the ones over the microwave. But, I’m stuck with what I’ve got I suppose – and right now, this is getting the job done with the least amount of expense :)


Get Your Garden Ready!


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New Acquisitions

asheville plate

Every time I’m in a second hand store or estate sale, I always keep my eyes out for things to add to my gallery walls. I love finding unique pieces to put on the wall, something that I may not be able to find anywhere else. So of course it’s all a game of luck! [...]

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Spring Is Calling

Spring Foyer 1

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It’s Official

red buds in boots

With this part two post (following up from earlier in the week), I think I may be the world’s greatest supporter of faux floral. You probably still think I’m crazy, but I’m just rolling with it. I love flowering branches, which I also happen to think are some of the more realistic varieties of faux [...]

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Jumping into Spring: Tips on Faux Floral

living door wreath

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vintage gold chair

This is really embarrassing. More than several of you have called me out on the lack of update on the chair I started painting over a year ago. Like any project, it starts out with the best of intentions. But if it takes too long, or I get interrupted, or yada yada yada…sometimes things just [...]

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Valentine’s Day Treats [and a craft] with Duck Brand®!

dark chocolate valentine cupcakes

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GIVEAWAY: Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control

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