Garden Experiment: Growing Your Own Sweet Potato Vine?

I don’t know about you, but I am anxiously awaiting fall :)

I can’t wait for mums and pumpkins and luscious sweet potato vine spilling out of containers.

I finally put two and two together that sweet potato vine grows actual sweet potatoes. You know, like the ones in the grocery store! I know, genius. I actually googled “how to grow sweet potato vine” and found that you can do this from a regular sweet potato – better yet, an old one that may be sprouting already. Just stick the bottom in water and place in a sunny area, and BOOM – sweet potato vine. The only thing I’m unclear about is the difference between the purple and the lime green variety. I suppose that’s a question for another day.

grow your own sweet potato vine

I’m still waiting for roots to form, apparently it sprouts first then will grow roots in the water. Once it does, you can transplant the whole potato into a container! Do you think it will work?? Only time will tell I suppose :) Has anyone else tried this and had a successful transplant?

Simple Antiqued Chair Tutorial

This method was so simple, it only took me a couple of hours and a few supplies I had on hand.

We’ve had this old wooden chair FOREVER…I think it used to be Mike’s desk chair when he was younger. I have since used it as a desk chair myself in my office, but it’s not tall enough for my new set up. So it sat in the corner collecting dust and clutter until I randomly decided to paint it the other day. I just felt like painting, ya know?

simple wood chair makeover

Here’s the deal: I wanted to get a really aged and chippy look without much effort – no primer and minimal coats of paint. I also wanted it two colors, like it had been painted twice. I used Sherwin Williams “Creamy” and “Homberg Gray” to get the look. I love these colors and always have them on hand. Just to make sure I was getting a really less than perfect finish, I used a cheap-o chip brush (which I normally only use for stain).

After a good cleaning and a light sanding, I haphazardly brushed on a coat of white, just really….badly.

white coat of paint

This is not a precision job! I made sure to cover the whole chair at least, but it’s far from a perfect coat. Just slap it on there! When that dried, I followed it with a coat of Homberg Gray.

homberg gray coat

I’m pretty sure you could have your kids help you with this type of project, and it would turn out great!

Well…I was mostly sure it would turn out great. I have a strong belief that all projects look like a pile of dookie before things turn around for the best. Or maybe that’s just the Rachael patented method.

After that dried, I started with a very fine sanding block and gave the whole chair a sanding. Some of the paint was already starting to come off – perfect! Then I used some 120 grit paper to work on more exposure of the edges.

sanding the finish

distressed chippy chair tutorial

And now, my favorite part. Get some stain, glaze, or even some lightly watered down brown paint and wipe over the entire piece. I like American Walnut Gel Stain. I used the same chip brush I had been painting with to brush some on, then rubbed it in with a rag.

glazing the chair

I thought it might be a nice piece to add to my porch, maybe as a plant stand or something :)

DIY Antique Chair Plant Stand

Antiqued chair makeover

Distressed Chair Painting Tutorial

What do you think? Could you use this simple method?


A New “E” On The Block

Monogram String Art

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Refreshing Your Goodwill Finds!

refreshing a great goodwill find

It’s no secret that I love to shop second hand, however if you were to look in my closet and didn’t know better – you would think I shop at all the high end stores. Over the years I’ve developed this bizarre skill to cruise the aisles at Goodwill and quickly pinpoint an article of […]

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Summer Porch Refresh

Jute Porch Stair Runner

Oh the weather has not been kind to me friends. I’ve been trying on and off to finish painting our (4) porches for at least a year. I’m making some headway now, but I still have 1 1/2 to go. In order to make myself feel better, I decided to spend some time really sprucing […]

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Recipe: Sweet Plantain Breakfast Casserole

Plantain Breakfast Casserole

This easy paleo recipe is perfect for busy mornings! I have been making this every week for my husband to warm up before work. It’s a quick and yummy breakfast that borders the line between french toast and banana nut bread. Ingredients: 4 medium yellow-black plantains 6 eggs 1/2 cup heavy cream (you could try […]

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Technical Difficulties

I apologize for the silence, my computer has taken some time off. I did not authorize this vacation, it happened suddenly and has left me in the dark. As in, my screen stopped working. Without the ability to edit photos, I’m kinda stuck as far as content goes. I know you people don’t want to […]

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DIY Faux Floral Monogram Letter

easy faux floral monogram letter

  As you know, I’m literally obsessed with the letter E. In fact, I have embarked on a journey to completely cover a wall with them. I knew I wanted to have all sorts of Es on the wall, different colors, styles, and textures. Next up: the faux floral version. This was easy peasy and […]

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More Bathroom Updates!

quick hardware update

Between the fresh look of the mirror and the high flying curtain, I was really on a roll in the upstairs bathroom. Why yes I did just laugh out loud at myself for that one. Cue drum and cymbal. I returned to my beloved can of spray paint for a quick and easy makeover for those […]

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Gettin’ a Lift

how to hang a shower curtain high

With the new rustic mirror frame in the upstairs bath, I was inspired to make some other changes. The colorful towels and shower curtain just didn’t go with the new vibe at all. I went on the hunt for some new threads – but an ordinary shower curtain wouldn’t do. I wanted to get some […]

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