We had recently retired our Boxer’s giant crate to the basement and given her full roaming privileges while we’re out. Always on the hunt, I scored this $15 Goodwill find last summer and refinished it to complete our entryway nook. Topped with a $20 framed mirror from Ross, it’s a classic look that transforms throughout the seasons-perfect for a decor commitment phobe like myself. Originally I liked the knob-less look (achieved with wood filler after discovering the holes didn’t fit any modern in stock hardware), but it’s actually a bit difficult to use the drawer without something to pull! I decided it was time for some spring-y changes, so here we are naked (gasp!) and ready for a new start:

I actually found 5 brushed silver knobs inside the drawer (fate, no?!). I don’t remember what I originally bought them for, but I snagged 3 for this piece because they were a perfect match to the existing handles. I drilled 3 new holes in the center of each drawer front, screwed in the new knobs, and here it is with a fresh faced Spring look.

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