I first bought this desk for my brother when I learned he’d be coming to live with us. In a moment of old school nostalgia, I painted it bright red. Here is what it looked like when I got it (and I just realized this was likely the source of those knobs I re-purposed on the entry buffet!) Sorry for the quality, these were taken on a cell phone.

And here is the bright red version- cute, but definitely juvenile.

In any case, the desk wasn’t really serving Ryan very well, so when we came upon this FREEBIE through Craigslist- we snatched it up and put it in his room. Now he can have all his media in one place, and it takes up less space. It feels like we doubled the square footage of his room!

The red desk was homeless, but not for long! I decided to use it in my office, since I was redecorating anyway and wanted to get rid of my cheap-o black particle board and metal Walmart special.

The plan: I decided to sand down the desk and paint it the same way I did the entry buffet. However, once I got to sanding I realized the top was actually a beautiful poplar (underneath FOUR coats of other paint-all different colors!) Totally inspired, I got this image of a neat butcher block-esque top on black legs, like this:

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