Or woman, in this case. I’m making some custom curtains for my new cottage inspired guest bedroom/office. At first I thought about making another pair of drop cloth curtains and stenciling on them, but I figured that by the time I bought everything I’d need to do all the detail work, it’d probably come out even cost wise. It’s definitely a project that would be interesting to try though, maybe for a different room. Here is a sneak peak at the fabric, bought half off the already reduced price! I love getting deals!

I love the linen feel of the fabric which, when combined with the sophisticated ooh la la print, gives a casual but refined look. This is (hopefully!) the new theme of my house, but hey you gotta start with one room at a time!

I also skimped a bit by only getting three yards of fabric instead of the six I was planning to get. After about a week of back and forth on this issue (did I really want to spend over $50 on fabric?!), I decided that since the bolt is 54″ wide, I could cut it in half and make two roughly 26″ panels after hemming. Normally that would be way too narrow for any room- not something I’d recommend. BUT, my office is a small room with only one window-which I’d rather not drown in oodles of fabric folds. I think hanging the narrow curtain panels nice and high, but not as wide as I would normally go (sometimes 12″ from the side of the window), will actually make the window (and room!) appear larger without hogging a lot of wall and floor space.  I’ll be putting up faux white wood blinds that will provide privacy and shade when needed, with the curtains acting as a pretty frame.

Stay tuned for pictures of the finished curtains this week!

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