Corkboards are super handy in offices, kitchens, and even kids’ bedrooms but let’s face it-they’re kind of blah. Sure natural cork is beautiful by itself, but anything can be boring in large quantities.

You can have a functional corkboard as well as a cool piece of art…here’s how:


1. Cork Tiles (any size and quantity you will need to cover your piece how you like)

2. Something interesting to put them on- think antique, like an old distressed closet door or window pane.

I used this yellow door with peeling paint that I’ve had in the basement just waiting for a purpose. I thought it was so cute with the original hardware and everything, but I could never really find anything to do with it-until now! It goes perfectly in my new office, inspired by french country blue and yellow traditional decor.

Now, get your cork tiles. I used four 12″ squares-you can find these type of tiles in any craft store. They usually come with little sticky adhesive squares in the package. I like to put one in each corner and one in the center to prevent bowing.

Now arrange your tiles however you like and stick them on. Perfect! Now stand back and admire your unique piece of functional art.

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