This has to be the coolest and most affordable piece of decorating genius ever to grace our house. No, we don’t make jam or can marinara sauce, but we do buy Mason jars. Why?

Well my brother uses them to make liquors. Lemoncello, Apple Spice….now I’m getting off topic.

I use them for whatever strikes my fancy. I’ve filled them with decorative potpourri, colored glass rocks, fresh herbs from my garden, and most recently- flowers!

Everything from tulips to daisies to the poshest of posh peony looks super sweet in a mason jar. It’s sort of a “yes I just had these beautiful flowers laying around and happened to pop them into this jar” casual look. I love that it’s a total fake out. Plus, you don’t have to be a super talented floral designer to do it-just get a few stems of the same flower and put them in. It will look perfectly simple every time. Make your flowers last longer by giving the stems a trim every few days and changing the water.

Some other Mason jar ideas to try:

– Souvenirs like sea shells from vacation

– Desk items like paper clips, pencils….go for a bunch of the same item in one jar

– Natural items like corks, clothespins, and rocks

– Cuttings from your garden

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