My husband Mike has 622 sq ft of unfinished man cave in the form of our basement. I’ve been wanting to finish at least part of it ever since we moved in, but he’s always been resistant. I think he likes the ruggedness of it…and the fact that he can spill paint on the plywood sub-floor and it doesn’t matter or produce enough sawdust to re-create the dustbowl.

But now that Ryan has moved in, the basement is going to serve a new purpose: a semi-professional brewery. You see both Mike and Ryan have been home brewing for awhile and now they’ve teamed up to create the ultimate man cave feat: a bonified pub-complete with a bar, taps, and mini kitchen for preparing food.

I’ve also convinced them that since my office has to double as a guest bedroom now, I’ll be needing a little craft area down there. Bonus-it will give us ample time to spend together as a family while we all work on our hobbies in a nice, cozy, enclosed space. Will we all make it out alive?

In any case, here is what we’re starting with:

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    […] down to ceramic or vinyl tiles. The floor gets a lot of wear (if you remember, we also have a workshop down there), which in addition to the waterproof requirement, pretty much eliminates traditional […]


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