Do you ever give yourself a project list a mile long and then wonder what the heck you were thinking? I feel like I’m in a constant state of disarray, but I know in the end all the little (and sometimes big) projects on my list will get done. Of course it doesn’t help that I keep finding super cute things to rework in thrift stores. I can’t help it, my Jeep just goes there without direction from me- eager to fill its cargo area with treasures-in-the-making. One of the cashiers at Goodwill joked recently that I might be a hoarder! At least, I’m pretty sure she was joking. She says there are some people that she worries about if she doesn’t see them everyday. As in, they might be dead. I hope I’m not one of those people.

In any case, here is what I came home with.

Two IKEA “Lack” side tables

One upholstered bench in serious need of rescuing

All three pieces were a total of $16, and I can’t wait to get started on these! This will be the first time I’ve reupholstered something, and I’ll be sure to tell you how I did it.

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