I’m probably in the minority here as far as DIYers go, but I prefer spray paint over brush paint any day of the week. Why? When applied properly, I find the finish to be much smoother than anything I’ve been able to achieve with a brush. Also, there is the convenience factor-it gets into those curves and crevices without breaking a sweat. It dries super quickly which is great for impatient people like me. In fact, the only negatives I’ve found are 1) cost and 2) finger cramps.

The cost is higher, there’s no doubt about that…you can make a $8 quart of paint last through many projects, whereas a can of decent spray paint will run you about $3 a can. I offset this by priming with brush primer (unless it’s a super intricate piece-then I’ll use spray primer) and then following with a few coats of the $0.99/can cheap stuff before applying my final color. On my kitchen chairs, I was able to get away with 1 can each of primer, flat black, and Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze (tip: Walmart carries this brand, and it’s cheaper than at Home Depot at $2.67/can).

I’ve finally found a solution to the second problem: the cramping. When you spray paint as much as I do, it’s like boot camp for your hands. Even with switching hands (which can make for interesting results!), my index fingers get sore. The higher quality paint usually has a better trigger, but if you paint long enough you’ll still end up with the claw. Enter the simplest little make-life-easier tool ever invented for the rattle can, The Spray Grip by Rustoleum

For less than $3, you can turn any can of spray paint into a spray gun- improving control and virtually eliminating hand cramping. You just slide it on the can and squeeze the trigger. I used it to paint my kitchen chairs, and WOW what a difference. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves to spray paint. I found mine in Walmart with the paint, but I’m sure any place that carries the rattle cans will also have this genius invention! Happy (claw free) painting!

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