I recently decided to give my jewelry a place to reside in style. Rather than stuff it in a box or try to hang it on hooks, I wanted a set up that would allow me to see everything. A girl has to know her options, you know.

I had been using this tweeny gadget to hold my earrings for some time.

I guess the pink never bothered me before my super sophisticated bedroom makeover. Now it was a huge eyesore, begging to be made over itself.

New paint or not, that would only take care of my earrings, and I needed something to corral my necklaces as well. Enter this picture tree I picked up at the thrift store for $1.99.

It’s pretty blah here, but I knew I could give it a new look worthy of wearing my jewels. After performing a very delicate sequin flower-ectomy, I used the $0.99/can spray paint as primer for both pieces. The earring holder got a fresh green and the newly dubbed necklace tree a soft ivory. Here they are with their crowning jewels. The awesome glass bottle in the background came from a thrift store, I love the built in bling.

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