My living room is probably the room I’m most annoyed with at the moment. I made some classic mistakes that I’d like to share with you in hopes that you will not make the same ones!

We bought a distinctly textured sofa in a bright color: deep red.

Now there is nothing wrong with a focal piece of furniture, but if you like to change your decor frequently or suspect you will want to completely redecorate than stick with neutral furniture with a timeless shape. You can add fun color in accessories. It’s much easier than buying a new couch.

We bought a piece of furniture that did not fit in the space.

My very generous mother in law offered to buy us something for our new house when we first moved in. For some reason I was totally not thinking about the layout of the house, or the size of the living room when we picked out this large plush recliner. It’s an awesome chair, in fact our dog Millie prefers it over any other place in the house. It’s super comfy, reclines almost all the way to a laying position, and even rocks. I’ve slept in it a few times when taking care of a sick pup. However, we have no place to put it in the living room where it can be utilized completely. It’s in a corner where it bangs the walls every time someone sits in it, and won’t recline unless you drag it out a few feet. Then it balls up the rug and becomes very frustrating! We love the chair, but it was not a good choice for this particular room.

Along the same lines, we greatly underestimated the amount of seating we would need to entertain guests. I mean, we’re not the hippest party in town, but we do like to have people over for dinner or fun theme parties. You definitely want to consider this when setting up the spaces you will be entertaining in. A moderately sized sofa, loveseat, and a couple of side chairs will provide more seating area than a jumbo couch and oversized chair or recliner. Just something to think about.

So there you have it, our top 3 furnishing mishaps…don’t let it happen to you! Watch for some living room makeovers in our house in the next few weeks!

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