We all have one of those places- a drawer, cabinet or  shelf that we just throw all our clutter in to hide it away. Well maybe you don’t, but I certainly do.

After the initial shock, I emptied the entire contents of the cabinet onto the counter.

Sheesh, it’s gotta get worse before it gets better, right? I began sorting and came up with a few categories of items:

1. Recipes/Cooking Booklets

2. Office type stuff that we use a lot: tape, pens, pencils, batteries

3. Stationary/envelopes for letter writing as well as mail that we haven’t sorted.

I grabbed a plastic paper organizer from upstairs that I wasn’t using, and readjusted the shelves to allow for the height. I corralled the tape and batteries in a little basket, and the pens/pencils in an extra pot I had around. I created an area for stationary and mail.

I even had space left to keep our extra grocery store bags (we have the reusable kind, but need these for cat litter cleanup so every other week we’ll make a trip without the totes). Our lunchboxes (how cute!) moved to the top shelf from the pantry which freed up a lot of room in there!

Now I challenge you to tackle that junk drawer or cabinet! You’ll feel much better if you do!

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