Behind closed doors, this closet has been suffering in mass chaos since we moved in over 3 years ago. Stuffed with towels, toiletries, first aid supplies, it was practically begging for a do-over.

Sorry for the blur, but it is indicative of how the closet makes you feel when you open the door!

Here it is now, after about an hour of work and a $12.99 set of baskets at TJ Maxx

I started by emptying the closet completely and sorting everything. This included throwing out things that I was never using (hard for a toiletry/cosmetic collector like myself!) I decided I’d need a basket for first aid/sun care supplies, one for medicine and extra toothpaste/mouthwash and another one for the rest of the items. By getting rid of a lot of stuff, I was able to consolidate everything to fewer shelves, leaving an extra that now serves as toilet paper/paper towels/lightbulb storage.

Now we can find exactly what we’re looking for without topping a host of bottles to the floor or through the cracks!

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