You’ve already seen my sparkle wreath, but let me share a bit about how we holiday it up inside Casa Evans.  Even though I’m Jewish, I do like to put up a tree, partly because it’s another fun thing to decorate, but also because my husband is used to having a tree.  He has childhood ornaments that I put up to start, then I add a color scheme. This year it’s blue and silver.

Next year I’ll probably dabble back into golds/coppers since I’m really digging my wreath. I love the earthy feel which moves so easily from fall to winter. I’ll get one more use out of my winter wonderland accessories, then I’ll pick up some fun things for next year when everything goes on clearance.

In general like to keep my decorations more “holiday” and “winter,” rather than the more common red-and-green-Santa motif.  It’s nothing personal against Santa, we just don’t have that close of a relationship.  Plus I feel that using a more sophisticated color palette allows you to decorate in more places without it looking really overwhelming.

Next to the tree, my favorite thing to decorate in the winter is the buffet in our foyer.

I had the burlap tree from last year, and everything else is from my decorating stash except for my new addition: a shiny gold reindeer.  He was 50% off at Michaels, coming in at about $4.99.  How could I possibly argue? A glass vase filled with barley and a tall pillar candle makes me feel all warm and fuzzy- and totally completes the look.

We certainly can’t forget a festive holiday table, can we?

I found some of my old red and gold ornaments and decided to utilize them here. I replaced the corks in the trifle dish with the gold globes. A golden cube gets some fresh cuts of the Leland Cypresses in our front yard. Two taper candlesticks add drama and height amongst the scattered red ornaments.  I added the mosaic candle holder (you can never have too many flickering flames!) because it looked kind of snowy and festive! Even though we don’t spend Christmas in this house, I still get joy out of decorating it for the season 🙂

So, what about you guys? What colors are you using this year?

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  1. Linda@Coastal Charm

    It all looks wonderful…love the tablescape and your pretty tree! Love your blog, so I’m going to follow along. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!



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