A few people have asked me what colors are in my home so I thought I would make a list.

Main Floor:

1. Guest Bathroom- SW Sprout 6427

2. Kitchen/Dining/Living Room/Foyer- Burnished Clay by Behr


1. Master Bedroom- Valspar Jekyll Grand Dining Sea Mist

2. Office- SW Monorail Silver 7663

3. Bathroom- SW Moody Blue 6221

4. Guest Bedroom/Ryan’s Room- SW Totally Tan 6115

5. Hallways- Totally Tan 6115

Eventually the hallway and stairwell will also be Burnished Clay, and I may repaint the office and Ryan’s room…we shall see!

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  1. kathy t

    Thanks for posting your colors –That is one of most favorite things to know –I just love paint and I love color -I truly should work in a paint store –Even looking at paint strips relaxes me 🙂

    Have a wonderful quiet day


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