We’ve had a glimpse of Spring here in Asheville, which prompted me to finally change up my foyer and bookcase decor to something more bright and fresh. While I was sad to see my wintery decor go, I am happy with what I came up with to replace it. I was able to use a bunch of things I already owned, making the makeover almost FREE (which you know I love).

The only new items are the lamp from IKEA,  faux floral (a few Forsythia and Pussywillow branches), the lidded glass jar, and the paper filling the frames. The wellies under the plant belong to my brother, who left them by the door one day after shoveling snow. When it became clear that they were never making their way back to his room, I used them to my advantage.

I covered the original images in the frames with this gray damask paper, which pairs well with the yellow branches. The glass jar is filled with some moss and a small votive, and I had the “Happy Spring” sign  from last year. Everything else you’ve probably seen before.

I refreshed the top of the bookcase too with some branches and peonies. The little green dish and “Live” sign came from my stash of decor items. My dad gave me the plant in the pot…wish I could remember the name…or to water it. Tee hee.

Now that the inside has been sprung so to speak, I guess I should get rid of that wooden snowman on my front porch, eh?

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  1. Lauren - My Wonderfully Made

    LOVE the different textures, heights — everything! Really shows that you can create a warm, inviting display by gathering things from different parts of the house even and re-positioning them with other items! Thanks for the great inspiration! Yeah Spring!


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