Remember awhile back when I posted about the flooring we chose for the basement?

Well we ended up installing it a few months ago, but I’ve been so embarrassed by the state of the rest of the organization projects that I just couldn’t share.


Despite having been burned before for keeping it real with my before photos (those Apartment Therapy readers can be brutal!), I decided that there’s no use sugar coating the real deal. I mean I know you all think my house is perfect all the time, right?

Wah wah wah

Sorry to disappoint.

Is that angle better?

After months of trying to get down the stairs with my eyes closed to avoid seeing my mess, I finally broke down and started cleaning. Don’t get your hopes up, it’s just a modest improvement.

You can at least see our new vinyl tile floors (in Cherry). I still have to paint my desk, Mike built me an “L” shaped add-on and the original desk is just partly primed. I’ve still got a lot to work over here, including putting together a 3rd storage cube (you can see the other two on the left). But I did find a neat way to store all my fabric and knitting supplies.

That dresser used to be in my brother’s room, but he got a new one so this one is now holding my fabric stash. It’s a good thing Millie is there to guard everything.

Well, at least it’s a start.


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