I’ve been looking at new TV stands lately. The problem is that our TV is tiny- like really tiny. But I’d like to get a piece that would work with a larger TV when we (finally) upgrade.

Image courtesy of decorpad.com

Yeah, I wish that was our house.

Last year, I moved the TV to the corner on the opposite side of the living room.

This arrangement actually suits our room the best (we were able to add another couch), but I am limited to corner TV stands.

TV as art?

Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy

I’d love something with more storage so I could get rid of the DVD tower. I’m dreaming of some pickled greige oak TV stands. But in my dichotomous style nightmare, I can’t help but be drawn to this bright and airy living room with the simple clean-lined TV stand.

Image courtesy of bhg.com

Or for a little texture…

Image courtesy of blissfulb.blogspot.com

Gah! So many options.  So what about you guys? Do you have an awesome entertainment set up? Do share!

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  1. 1 Funky Woman

    Love that airy living room and the colors! Well I hate t.v. and the fact that it always is the focal point in a room drives me bonkers. We have lived with our living room free of t.v. for years. Well now that we got a piano we had to do some re-arranging and the t.v. is now sitting in the LVR. I have a pine wood armoire that I painted black and distressed some edges so I can live with it, but really only when the armoire is closed, lol.

    Hope you find a grand one and show pics.


  2. Jen @ Domesticated Nomad

    I adore the TV on the easel. But, while there are some shows that could qualify as art, I don’t know that TV is really aspiring to art nowadays. 🙂 But I’d still do it If I found something that worked just because it looks cool.

    We had a corner arrangement for awhile. But it really did not require a corner stand. I wouldn’t limit yourself that way. Plus once you buy a corner stand, it can be awkward to try to use it anywhere else if your arrangement changes.

    • Lovely Crafty Home

      Yeah that’s true…the one we have right now is not a corner stand but I feel like it’s wasting space. Hmmm…lots to think about!!


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