[Union] Jack Attack!

I am sooo excited to share this project with you today! It’s the first time I’ve attempted any kind of extra special finish aside from solid paint. The lucky winner was this poor dresser I got for my brother about 6 months ago.

I bought it with the intention of refinishing it, but I was waiting for some sort of grand vision for his room to hit me. Right now it’s sort of a collection of any leftovers we had around the house-meaning nothing really goes together. Not that he cares, but I do. Eventually he’ll move out and I want to be left with a space that could translate to a guest room. Inspired by Miss Mustard Seed’s Union Jack creation, I got to work lightly sanding and painting the whole thing SW Naval.


Using SW Stolen Kiss, I painted the first part of the flag.

Using SW Creamy, I painted white stripes. At one point I started using painter’s tape, but I found that I liked the look of the freehand better.  I went back over the lines with a brush and softened the edges.

Keep in mind these colors look WAY bright in the can, but dry darker. Still, I knew I wanted to glaze to take the edge off. After some allover distressing with a medium/coarse grit block, I took some 100 grit paper and really worked on the edges. For glaze, I decided to try some DecoArt Antiquing Medium (which I used for my chalkboard frame) instead of Minwax stain. Breaking news: I LIKE IT BETTER! Yes, I’m giving up my Dark Walnut as a furniture glaze. I like that the DecoArt doesn’t smell, it cleans with water, and it feels more like paint…I found it much easier to work with. After the glaze dried, I used natural wax (still want to try dark wax) to finish the piece. I am having a serious love affair with paste wax! It’s amazing!

Here’s the finished product:

I replaced the hardware with some smaller hammer-ish finish oil rubbed bronze knobs, a steal at $0.99/ea!

Up close shot…

I’m so proud of it (do you mind me saying so?) This piece is inspiring a whole room makeover which I’ll share as I go along! I’m still looking for wall colors…

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Upcycling: Pallet Headboard

Last week I showed you this sneak peek photo.

Well here’s the full shot:

It’s our new king size headboard!

Much to the dismay of our neighbors I’m sure, we’ve had a seemingly endless supply of pallet wood in our driveway since finishing our brick patio. I had so many great plans for using the wood, and I’m making my way through each project slowly but surely. I started with a fairly easy project (my giant memo frame) and decided to try my hand at something more advanced. My design seemed simple enough, but the execution is far from perfect.

Enter exhibit A:

and exhibit B:

Let’s just say I’m not the greatest carpenter. The first time I put this thing together by myself, it fell apart when I lifted it off the ground. Not one to accept defeat, I did what any self respecting (yet desperate) DIYer would do: begged my husband to help me. Now don’t get me wrong, this is a project that really anyone could do-especially if you have nice tools like a nail gun. I just don’t have a lot of experience with woodworking, and rainy day after rainy day was pushing this project to the top of my MUST GET DONE NOW list. I knew it would only take the hubs a little while to repair my headboard. One box of wood screws later, we had frankenstein-ed it together sufficiently. Let me just add that this project in no way reflects my husband’s woodworking skills…he was only doing damage control. I was insistent on the design, imperfect as it was.

Once it was all together, I sanded down the splinters and applied 3 coats of spray-on wood finish. Pallet wood is chemically treated, so you’ll definitely want to use a sealer for any indoor projects. The final product is pretty heavy, so we used 3 triangle tab hangers and coordinating wall hooks (the heavy duty, multiple nail kind). We lucked out that the hook from the old headboard ended up being the perfect height, and it was already marking center…SCORE! You know I hate to measure. But even if I had to, it would have been totally worth it for this result.

Ready to see?

Are you dying??? Cause I am!

I’m sooo glad I decided to put a little ledge on the top, I can’t wait to accessorize it! Even though the hubs was less than enthused at fixing my screw ups and helping me hang this beast, he is really happy with it too. That’s all I really hope for, since most of the time he gives me crazy looks when I’m mid-project. I’m not very good at communicating a master plan, so to speak.  I think we’d do best on one of those shows where the husband goes away for the weekend and comes back to the project finished! I’m just glad he’s still putting up with me :)

Grand total for this project came to under $30 which included screws, menders, sandpaper, sealer, and hanging hardware. I’d say it was money well spent!

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Update: Here are some newer shots of my bedroom and the headboard!

Brown Paper, I Heart You

If there’s anything I love almost as much as drop cloth, it’s brown paper. Whether it’s on a roll or in the form of a bag, I can find a use for it!

Can you see where I’m going with this?

I have TONS of textbooks from college. And while a literature major might proudly display the classic works they studied, I doubt my thermodynamics book would look great on a book shelf. I’ve basically been hiding them in a closet. They’re not worth much in their heavily abused state, and I feel that I may one day need to recall the information in them so I guess what I’m saying is that I can’t just give them away. But, I can upcycle them!

Using some brown paper grocery bags, and the classic book cover method of my early school days, I turned these paperweights into…well….nice paperweights.

Covered books are all the rage in stores like Restoration Hardware and Ballard Designs. I’ve also seen books covered with canvas, burlap, linen, and allll kinds of other neat things. Check out these finds from around the interweb.

Image courtesy of Restoration Hardware

Image courtesy of We Heart It


Image courtesy of Remodelista

Have you covered any books lately? Used any interesting materials to do it?

Guest Bathroom Reveal!

Sorry this has been so long in the making, truthfully it’s been mostly done for awhile now. I was just waiting for some finishing touches to come together before I shared like these paper poppies. If you remember waaaaayyy back when I first started thinking about redoing this bathroom, I mentioned knitting a rug similar to one I saw in a RH catalog.

Let me step away from the reveal for just a second while I divulge a dirty little secret. Ready? We have one cat, and I’m not sure which one (although I do have an idea), who is what I like to call a rogue pee-er. We’ve never caught the cat in the act, but he or she really, really likes to pee on the bathroom rug. I would say this happens about 2 or 3 times a month. So in the washer the rug goes, since I was planning on knitting a new one I just kept washing the old one.

Well, I spent many hours knitting and finished the new rug, only to have it peed on EVERY SINGLE TIME I put it on the floor. No joke. I washed it, put it back, it got peed on. Being hand knit and all, it’s not like I really want to machine wash it on gentle and lay it flat to dry everyday. So, I’m admitting defeat. There is no rug in the bathroom anymore.

Here is the new (sans rug) guest bathroom:


 I replaced the boring contractor stock mirror with a simple thick framed version from Ross. I also oil-rubbed-bronzed the light fixture, towel bars, and hooks.

My paper poppies, mounted on pallet wood and hung (finally!). I also updated the hardware on the vanity:

The hardware, shower curtain, and towels are from Target.

I love the sophistication of the stripes combined with the rustic beachy feel that blue/white combo adds. What do you think? Is it an improvement over this?

Lovely Crafty Weekend #28

Hey everyone!! I hope you all had a great short week with the holiday! Were you able to get any projects done? Do share!

Here are the top 4 viewed projects from last week:

Jenni from Kissed By A Frog shared her kitchen makeover…it’s totally amazing! I love the mosaic glass tile back splash :)

Image courtesy of Kissed By A Frog

This alphabet art has me swooning…any mom would be lucky to get this as a baby gift. See how Jaime at That’s My Letter did it:

Image courtesy of That's My Letter

Sandi at Making It Homey showed us her gorgeous dresser face lift. I love the new hardware!

Image courtesy of Making It Homey

Laura Beth from A Step in the Journey also shared a kitchen makeover. You know I’m partial to white beadboard kitchens :)

Image courtesy of A Step In The Journey

So there you have it. the top viewed projects from last week. Thank you to all who participated! If you’ve been featured, grab a button from the sidebar to show off. Now onto this week’s party:

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A Fairytale Wedding

Read about ours over at My Road To Mrs.  I’m guesting over there in honor of Kassi’s (from Truly Lovely) wedding this week!

My Favorite Hatemail

Have you guys seen this new joint venture by bloggers Mandy and Viv from Vintage Revivals and The V Spot?

 It’s both hysterical and infuriating!

Basically other bloggers submit snarky comments that really got under their skin. If you’ve been blogging for any amount of time, you’ve probably had a couple that you really wanted to get into it over…but most of us just respond nicely and move on or delete the comment. Well at My Favorite Hatemail you get to say what you really think!

Check out my entry posted today and join the crusade!

Just Kenzie Giveaway WINNER!!!

Entries closed at midnight EST last night, and I’ve just drawn the LUCKY WINNER via random.org……





Cherie Z who said on Facebook  “Lovely Crafty Home sent me ,,,great jewelry!!”

She just won these beautiful earrings!

Cherie I will be contacting you through facebook to get your information for shipping.

Thank you to everyone who entered!!


Garden Update

Remember a few weeks ago when I shared my first garden?

Well after a weekend out of town and leaving my brother in charge of the watering, I wasn’t sure what I’d come home to. But, to my surprise, he watered my little seedlings everyday. I had given them some Miracle Grow before I left, so when I came back everything seemed GIANT!

My tomato plant (the only thing in a pot) is getting so large I need to stake it, and it’s got tons of medium sized still-green romas already.

Mint, essentially a weed, typically does well in almost any condition. I took a risk planting it in the ground where it can spread- but frankly I hope it does…at least it will look and smell nice in a mostly empty garden bed!


Watermelon is sort of my wild card…I mean what are the chances I will actually get some?? Right now they’re looking pretty good because this thing is spreading out like crazy!


Then we have eggplant, which I thought I might lose because something sure likes to eat it (see the holes in the leaves?). But it did grow a bit while I was gone, so it’s still in the game afterall!

Perhaps the MVP award goes to the squash. It was about 4″ tall when I got it and it has exploded! I’ve got some squash blossoms (which are edible, but I’m holding out for the real deal) already!

And lastly, we have peppers. I got the miniature orange bell from what I can recall. If you look closely you can see the.tiniest.pepper.on.earth.

So far I’m really excited about the progress!! It has actually encouraged me to try to plant other things for different seasons :) So what about you guys? Do you have a garden?  How is it doing? Do you have red tomatoes yet?

Happy 4th of July!

Stay safe and have a wonderful day!

Image courtesy of Be Different Act Normal