I’m on a everything-is-cheaper-if-it’s-reusable kick which prompted me to try and make lunch bags for my husband and I.

After a little google-ing, I found this tutorial at Prudent Baby which seemed pretty simple. I wanted to have a little bit of water/leak protection, so I bought some clear vinyl at the fabric store and sandwiched it between two pieces of fabric. All three pieces were cut to 26″ x 9″ and folded in half before sewing, but I think I’ll make Mike’s a little bigger, maybe 28″ x 11″. The instructions on Prudent Baby are very straightforward, so I won’t repeat them, but here is my first try:

I saw the clothes pin idea on pinterest and love it, but you could use velcro or a snap.

Isn’t she cute? I’m planning to use drop cloth for the manly version and also making some snack bags 🙂

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