The kitchen has been seriously lacking in the window treatment department. I guess I was always worried about blocking the light since there’s only one window.

I was thinking about alternatives to traditional curtains when I came across several inspirational photos on pinterest.

{via Pinterest}

{via Pinterest}

I was totally digging these interior awnings, so I went on the hunt for the perfect fabric. While picking up tension rods at Walmart, I cruised over to the fabric area and proceeded to cheat on my beloved drop cloth. Yes, it’s true. I really wanted to use drop cloth, but I thought it would be too heavy and block a lot of light. What I really wanted was something like drop cloth but thinner. To my surprise Walmart had just the right thing- it’s like if burlap and drop cloth had a baby this not-quite-sheer-fabric-deliciousness would be the result.

To install the shade, I needed two tension rods (I got the 28″-48″ size). I cut my piece of fabric to the same width as the cabinet opening (plus seam allowance), then sewed a pocket at the top for the first rod. I hung it up and let it drape over the second rod, moved them around to where I liked it, then marked the length I wanted. I planned to add a ruffle so I shortened the length by about 4 inches to allow for that.

This was my first time trying to ruffle, and I have to say it was kind of difficult. The ruffle itself was easy to make, but attaching it to the bottom of my shade was trying to say the least! I probably ripped the seam 4 times before I got it right. I’m sure it comes with practice.

I was cursing the ruffles as I was working, but seeing the final result totally made it worth it!

Sorry for the bad lighting, I didn’t get around to taking pictures until the sun went down.

What do you think? I’m planning to make some semi-matching cafe curtains for the dining room (which is also sadly lacking window treatments of any kind). I hope my drop cloth will forgive me!

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