I’m not gonna lie, I totally dig putting up a Christmas tree. Maybe it’s because we never had one growing up, but I am fascinated by this tradition and jumped wholeheartedly on board after marrying my Catholic husband. In the end, it seems as though I care more about the tree than he does. I’m usually the one who pushes to get it right after Thanksgiving (we don’t spend Christmas here, so I like putting it up early to enjoy it longer). This year, I went to Home Depot by myself to get one. Is that even legal?

Reasons why my Jew-self loves putting up a tree:

1. It smells nice.

2. It’s wintery. I love seasonal decorating, so bringing this evergreen indoors just seems like a great idea during the winter.

3. It’s fun to decorate. And it can be done on a budget- I love getting ornaments on clearance to use on the next year’s tree.

4. It can have a theme. You know I love a good theme.

5. I love the way it looks when it’s lit up at night. Any excuse to use white string lights is ok by me.

This year’s theme is “woodland.” I made use of some burlap garland (from Michael’s) and some leftover burlap around the base as a skirt. I didn’t bother making or buying a tree skirt this year…this way just seems more casual and rustic. Last year I got some nice gold and brown ornaments on clearance (including one sparkly brown deer I am very fond of).

I added some of my homemade ornaments. But probably my favorite thing about this year’s tree is the addition of 3 ornaments from the motherland. By that, I mean Restoration Hardware. I recently visited a store in Raleigh and picked 3 of them up on sale (that location was closing) for just $11!

There may or may not be photographs/video surveillance of me tucked into a few beds at Restoration Hardware. And possibly swimming on some faux fur blankets.

In any case, this year’s tree is definitely my favorite.

Does your tree have a theme this year? Have you had one in the past? Are you a real tree enthusiast?

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  1. Jessica

    I am RIGHT there with you – putting up the tree is something I just love!

    I wouldn’t say we necessarily have a theme because I mix ornaments, but generally I have mostly brown and gold glittery, matte, and glossy ornaments.

    Each year though, my other half & I go and pick out an ornament that represents us in some way. I love opening those up and reading the little notecard I put with them to remind me of why we bought it.

    Beautiful tree!!!

  2. Ami w/AliLilly

    It’s beautiful, Rachael!! I have had themes in the past but not this year. I am half Pakistani and was brought up in a Muslim home so I can TOTALLY relate to your love of the tree! My mom being a whitey (lol) and my dad being cool, we always had a tree growing up. So for me it’s all the extra Christmas stuff that seems so fun and interesting now because it wasn’t something we did when I was younger.

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