Meet Antoinette

A friend of my brother’s was generous enough to donate this piece of furniture she was no longer using to the LCH Interiors cause.

It had some water marks on the top and the dark lacquer finish was seriously dating this otherwise perfectly nice and functional vanity. Upon further investigation, I discovered that it is a Drexel Heritage piece made from solid Mahogany. Oh jackpot. I think I heard the angels singing. I knew with some elbow grease and paint, I could update the piece to give it a timeless, classic feel that would work in any room.

I started by completely stripping the top with 80 grit sandpaper, followed by 120 then 400.

The natural mahogany was GORGEOUS. I don’t think I’d ever worked with anything this nice. As much as I’m going to get some flack for painting the rest of this piece, I would have needed a sandblaster room to strip the finish completely off the whole thing. So I decided to paint the bottom half and refinish the top. Besides being a more practical choice, the paint also lends itself to the more modern feel I was going for.

I painted the drawers in SW Worldly Gray and the rest of the piece in SW Dovetail Gray. Yes, I’m recycling colors (also seen on Beatrice and William). Those quarts go far! It took 3 coats to cover the old red stain completely. Oh, and I didn’t prime- in fact, I almost never prime anymore. Light sanding, 3 thin coats, and wax hold up very well on their own. I applied Teak Oil to the top to bring out the natural hues.

After letting the Teak Oil cure for 48 hours, I applied 3 coats of Minwax Natural Paste Wax. On the bottom half, I sanded the edges of the drawers to bring out the detail. I was careful to not take it over the edge- think Pottery Barn rather than Shabby Chic.

The original hardware (although not my usual taste) was a perfect fit for the new color and style. All I did was wash it with soap and water and re-install it. I didn’t use any glaze on this piece, wax was enough to bring out the beautiful tone of the mahogany on the edges.

Here are some shots from my booth, sorry about the quality. There’s no natural light in there, and I’m not an expert at compensating.

I think Antoinette turned out beautifully! Hopefully she will have a new home soon :)

The Coffee Filter Wreath

Just like opinions- everyone has one now, right?

Except me.

And I wanted one. I had plenty of material too since getting a Keurig machine for coffee making.

I was inspired by this totally gorgeous wreath at Jones Design Company.

{Jones Design Company}

I wanted to make mine more all-season friendly, so I decided to leave out the berries and such and use more muted colors. As for the method, I didn’t take any actual pictures during the process because I was sort of making it up (shocker, no?). I chose 3 pink paint colors (Folk Art, from AC Moore)-which I diluted and/or mixed until I got a color I liked. I had 3 plastic cups that I mixed various colors in. Then I dunked each filter in a color, squeezed it out, and hung it up to dry. I’d add brown or more pink to change the color of the paint water as I continued dying the filters. For the light creamy ones, I used strong brewed tea. To get a cool natural gradient look you can use a paint brush to dab different colors on the edges of the filter.

Once the filters were dry (which didn’t take as long as I thought it would), I began making the flowers. I followed the above tutorial exactly (which was a new way of making flowers for me!).***Update: My flower making tutorial can be seen here*** Instead of my usual foam wreath form, I decided to try one of the floral wire ones (like these at Save on Crafts).

I wrapped it in strips of burlap (that I had on hand) secured with hot glue, and it worked perfecftly! Bonus: it’s like 1/4 the price of the same size styrofoam wreath. Then I began gluing the flowers on, clustering some colors in certain areas, but also keeping it a bit random. It didn’t take long for it to really come together and look amazing. I finished it off with a wide green ribbon that I got on clearance at Michael’s. The Dollar Tree is a great place to find ribbon as well.

Right now this beauty is in my booth, but if no one snatches it up I’ll be bringing it home with me!

Lovely Crafty Weekend #57

Hello lovely readers! I hope you’ve been working on something awesome this week (or maybe just cleaning up your crap like me…) Here are last week’s features, as always you can click the image to take you to the post!

I’m loving Liz Marie’s repurposed dresser as closet organizer…what a great idea!

{Liz Marie}

Tales of a Trophy Wife shared her sweet new curtains and the simple pattern she used (I didn’t even know the “Dummy” brand made patterns!)

{Tales of a Trophy Wife}

Sarah at A Mom Knows gave some awesome tips to keep your house in order…I seriously needed to hear all of them!

{A Mom Knows}

Katie from Thrifty Finds and Redesigns showed off her new master bedroom makeover-which I’m totally digging. I love the wall color and the cozy nook!

{Thrifty Finds and Redesigns}


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DIY Idea: Buttons

I’m seeing more and more ideas for using buttons in non traditional roles, so I thought I’d share a few with you that I found on Pinterest.

Have you done anything fun with buttons lately?

Meet William

I saw this diamond in the rough at an estate sale and instantly loved the handsome curves (and hardware!).

I knew he had the potential to be a stunner! I sanded and deglossed, then painted him 3 coats of SW “Dovetail”-my new favorite color. It’s a classic grey that antiques well and looks good on just about anything. I distressed the curves a bit to highlight the details and applied glaze (Folk Art’s Antiquing Medium in Woodn’ Bucket Brown). Two coats of Minwax Natural Paste Wax and he was good to go!

Here’s William all set up in my booth.

Check out those sweet binoculars he’s wearing…they are vintage H.V. Clements from the 1950s.

Isn’t he handsome?

On a side note, are you liking the better quality of pictures? I can assure you my skill has not improved (and I’m still in auto mode), so this is purely the difference in camera. I’m using my new Panasonic Lumix in conjunction with Picnik to edit photos (although sadly Picnik is closing/moving in April). I captured this sweet shot of my little girl while I was working away on my furniture. I played around with some of the more artistic effects on Picnik.

{Love Her}

Hope you’re having a great Monday!

Lovely Crafty Weekend #56

Hello all! Thanks for joining me for another Lovely Crafty Weekend! I got some work done this week finally, and I hope you did too! Let’s check out last week’s features.

Sandie from Simsamsue In House Of Blue shared her funky dresser-to-buffet makeover.

{Simsamsue In House Of Blue}

Andrea from Signs By Andrea put up a tutorial on how she created this eclectic gallery wall!

{Signs By Andrea}

Head over to Craft Whatever for some FREE Valentine printables!

{Craft Whatever}

Check out this sweet mudroom makeover at At Home With K. Love the doors!

{At Home With K}

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{Empire Patio Covers}

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But Empire Patio Covers also offers a line of pet accessories (which are totally on my list!). They have ramps, seat covers, and cargo liners for your car or SUV!

{Empire Patio Covers}

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The Beatrice Dresser

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything remotely close to “done”, but finally I have finished another piece for my booth at Sweeten Creek Antiques!

I got this sweet leggy piece from Craigslist, and to be honest it wasn’t in bad shape. It was a soft green color with some character, but I had something more unique in mind. I’ll apologize in advance, all of the before shots were taken with my cell phone camera.

I picked up a roll of floral textured wallpaper from an estate sale (odd?) for $2. It wasn’t pre-pasted like the kind I used on my stairs, so I just applied it with Mod Podge which worked fine. I added the wallpaper to the drawer fronts and the side panels.

It still looked unfinished to me, so I bought some foam molding and framed out the drawers with my trusty hand miter box saw (I’ve definitely got to get a real miter saw in the future!). I used a piece of foam lattice to complete the box look on the side panels. The foam molding is so light that I was able to adhere it with Liquid Nails for Small Projects. It comes in a squeezable tube (like caulk) that doesn’t require the bulky gun-which totally cramps my hand. I just held it in place with painter’s tape until it set overnight.

I actually kind of liked the two-toned look, but I figured I’d keep it neutral since I’m still new to the whole refinished-furniture-as-business thing, so I painted the trim to match. It’s Sherwin Williams “Worldy Gray,” by the way. Then I glazed and waxed the whole thing and put the final touch on…glass knobs.

They totally make the piece, in my opinion. For anyone who loves glass knobs, but hates the price…check Amazon. I got all 10 for $23 shipped.

Now for the full monty. Again I have to apologize for the pictures (even though they were shot with my new camera!), we are having rainy weather and the lighting just doesn’t do Beatrice justice. I’m hoping to take more photos once I get her in my booth.

I could totally see this beauty in a little girl’s room, but it would also work in a more adult role. If I had the room for it, I’d keep it!

Adventures In Paper Mache

I’m pretty sure the last time I did a paper mache project, I was in middle school. But it seems like this messy art form has seen a resurgence among adult crafters- those of us who will do just about anything to get the look for less. So I invited a couple of my friends over to revisit our childhood with a little taxidermy twist.

Oh yes, we’re going hunting.

I decided to start with the basics- a set of antlers made from branches and masking tape.

But my friend Amy is like a total paper mache goddess. She took a bag of assorted size ballons (Dollar Tree!) and some cardstock and whipped up a moose head for our friend Lindsey.

And that’s just the start! So, of course then I got jealous and demanded asked nicely if she would make me a stag head for my antlers.

Seriously I think she may have a future in paper mache. We covered our forms with the classic newspaper and watered down glue method, but there are tons of recipes out there including everything from flour to salt. Then I decided to try and make a paper mache “clay” I’d read about so we could really bump up the quality. The clay lets you create realistic textures and features that are hard to get with just newspaper strips.

We used this recipe from Ultimate Paper Mache, except I used some safflower oil instead of the linseed (it only came in giant jugs at HD to the tune of $23). As usual, I totally winged it-not measuring anything exactly while also trying to cut the recipe in half. What I ended up with was something a little more chunky than the original, but it seemed to perform well.

It was about this time when an unexpected helper showed up.

That’s my little boy cat Malcolm, known for being completely fearless and boldly sitting in the middle of whatever you are doing. He looks bored, but I was just warming up. I started putting the clay on my antlers to add some thickness and shaping.

Supposedly when the clay is dry, you can sand it smooth.

We shall see. This is as far as I got because everything has to dry. Let’s check in with the moose head…

He’ll be getting some clay features as well. We can’t wait to finish our projects (and clean up the dining room table), but it may be a few more days with all the process/drying steps we’ve got going on.

So, what about you guys? Have you done any paper mache lately?