I’m excited to introduce you to yet another new sponsor on Lovely Crafty Home! Megan contacted me eager to share her Scentsy business with you all. I have heard so many awesome things about Scentsy, and I feel like I’ll be trying it in the near future!

Megan is so excited to share Scentsy with you, that she is generously offering a product giveaway. Yes, YOU will have a chance to win some free Scentsy products from her later this month! Stay tuned for details! Until then, here’s Megan:


Hello, my name is Megan and I am a Scentsy Consultant from Canada. I am also a stay at home mom to four great kids, a wife  and a piano teacher. I was first introduced to Scentsy about 3 years ago when my cousin signed up as a consultant. I was instantly in love at first smell! I had a hard time picking just a few of the scents because they all were so heavenly! I also loved the Scentsy concept of the wickless candle. Having small children at home and burning a traditional candle was never a good thing and always worried me. So when I found out that these warmers were wickless and a 25 watt light bulb was what melted the wax I was sold! How simple and brilliant was this!

What is Scentsy?

Scentsy flameless candles are a unique candle system, the Scentsy flameless candle uses a low watt bulb to warm the wax candle bars slowly into a pool of melted wax that maximizes the strength and life of the scent. Scentsy flameless candle bars last up to 80 hours and do not release harmful chemicals that you find in regular jarred candles.

Scentsy flameless candles come in 80 wonderful fragrances, and you melt the wax in a Scentsy warmer. You can select warmers to match your home decor, fashion style or holiday decorations. There are warmers for every season and as your style changes so can the warmer you warm your Scentsy flameless candle bars in.

After a few years of loving my Scentsy system, it finally came to Canada! I signed up as soon as I could, so I wouldn’t have to order it from my cousin in the States anymore.  After thinking about this and talking to my cousin about possibly building my Scentsy business I thought this was something I could do. It was a little out of my comfort zone, though. It all seemed perfect – there was only one concern: direct selling. I had no experience, I had never even been to a Scentsy party. I was so nervous about joining and not being successful. For an inexperienced seller, I thought Scentsy would be the perfect product to sell – all I needed to do was explain how to use Scentsy and then sit back and let the customers smell. If you like candles, you would LOVE Scentsy. I was SO pleasantly surprised when many of my customers would exclaim, “Wow, this stuff just sells itself,” after smelling a few of the samples. This helped me branch out and become a more outgoing person.

After a month and a half of selling Scentsy I was promoted to Director. This was huge for me. I also qualified for the incentive trip to Hawaii and had a fabulous time there meeting new people and being inspired by this new company! A year later I was promoted to Star director. I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a blessing Scentsy has been in my life and my family! I have made so many new friends, met so many fun people, made more money than I ever thought was possible, and this company continues to amaze me each and every day! I feel honored to be apart of a company who believes and emphasizes ”Give more than you take.” Yes, I do feel blessed indeed! And as a result I feel selfish when I don’t share the Scentsy opportunity with others. I know what Scentsy did for me and my family and I know what it can do for others!  If you read the Scentsy story you will be amazed at the tremendous growth of this company and the generosity of these people! I want to share with everyone the blessing I have received from Scentsy. I would love to have you be a part of my team and help you as you build your Scentsy business.

There are so many fun new things coming soon to Scentsy including personal care products (Layer by Scentsy) and a line of fondue pots and high quality Belgium Chocolate (Velata by Scentsy). If you want to see more information on any of the Scentsy products, or are interested in hearing more about Scentsy as a business, please visit my website or my Scentsy blog.


Thank you so much Megan! We will be sharing details of the Scentsy giveaway soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that! If you are interested in sponsoring LCH please, click here for more information.


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