Lovely Crafty Weekend #66

Hi again, and welcome to another issue of Lovely Crafty Weekend! I’ve been a busy bee this week working on some furniture projects and finishing some half done business (par for the course, I suppose…) I can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on! Here are last week’s features:

These copy cat Krispy Kreme donuts shared by Home Grown Beanes look seriously amazing (and they are dairy free!).

Home Grown Beanes

Check out these comic-inspired painted eggs at Art Club…crazy awesome, right?

{Art Club)

Ami at AlilLilly gave a tutorial for this Spring-y bird egg wreath. Isn’t it pretty??


Head on over to At Home With K to see this sweet couch made from….DOORS! LOVE!

{At Home With K}

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Spring Foyer

I’m probably a little late sharing my Spring foyer decor, but better late than never I suppose, right?

As usual, I tried to use and rework things I already have- including the “new” runner which I finally put together. I actually bought the fat quarters last SEPTEMBER. I made it the same way I did my other pink/purple fat quarter runner.

I had some flowers leftover from my recent corsage making episode and some white daisies my sweet husband brought home for me last week.

Pretty simple, but at least it’s cheery! I love the pop of bright green  and yellow. Have you decorated your house for Spring?

Desk Redoux: Meet The Admiral

I totally hit the jackpot last week at Goodwill, picking up this sweet desk for just $15. I loved the shape and the gold trim and couldn’t wait to get started. But first I had to decide on a color…

I like to use colors I already have for projects I’m planning to sell in my booth- and I have a pretty good stash. I’ve got a lot of neutrals, but I knew whatever I picked would need to look killer sanded through to the gold after distressing. I did a little mental inventory…Dovetail, Sedate Gray, Homberg Gray, Creamy, Plum Brown, Naval…


Oh heck yes.

I had some SW Naval leftover from my Union Jack dresser. I got so excited about the navy on the gold, envisioning the furniture version of a uniform. It turned out so sweet that I wish I had a place for it in my home. I hope someone buys it for a little boy’s nautical themed room, but it would totally work for an adult as well.

The desk was missing one knob, which is a shame because they were really cute…but I did find these antiqued brass replacements.

The Admiral sits in my booth now, and hopefully he will find a new home soon!

Tutorial: How To Make A Corsage Like A Pro

There’s a list of skills I keep in the back of my mind to acquire over my lifetime. I feel like making a corsage or a boutonniere should be on the list for anyone who’s slightly crafty and definitely thrifty. A pretty basic corsage with carnations starts at about $20 at florists near me. They can go upwards of $40 or $50 though, depending on the flowers. So why not try your hand at making one yourself? It might cost a little more for initial set-up costs (getting all the supplies), but you’ll be able to whip one of these up for any special occasion, teenager’s prom, or wedding.

Recently an acquaintance of mine asked me to make 33 corsages (well, 5 were boutonnieres) for an out-of-town fundraiser. Honestly it was the first time I’d ever done flowers “professionally”- as in getting paid. It was a wee bit stressful (after all, I’m dealing with dying things…), but they turned out great and made the 5 hour drive in style. It’s really not rocket science-and with a little practice- you’ll be making these pint size arrangements like the pros in no time.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Flowers (duh)- I used lavender spray roses, yellow lysianthus/yellow spray roses, and seeded eucalyptus.
  • Ribbon (3/8″ size)
  • Green floral wire (can be found at Dollar Tree)
  • Green floral tape (can be found at Dollar Tree)
  • Corsage pins (Michael’s or A.C. Moore)
  • Clear Life floral preserver (optional, but recommended- it’s pricey to ship, but lasts awhile)
  • Clear “treat” bags
  • Scissors for ribbon (I used my fabric shears)
  • Scissors or small pruners for cutting stems/wire
  • Tape
Now I have access to “special”  flowers because I have an account at a local wholesaler, but you can find very nice things at your local grocer. In fact, they may even be able to order you something specific (one of our grocery chains claims they will). You will usually be able to find spray roses which are great to work with for this application. Keep in mind that flowering plants may be the most cost effective source of blooms- especially if you have a nice flower bed (or maybe your neighbor does…)


Filler can be anything, little snips of fern fronds are beautiful. Your grocery store will likely have little wispy flowers (often labeled as “wax flower”), similar to baby’s breath.  But…please for the love of all things Holy do not use baby’s breath. I’m sorry, but it’s dated. Maybe it’s just a personal preference, but I cannot stand the stuff. There are so many other alternatives! Ok let’s get started.


Welcome to the most photo heavy tutorial of all time. Please forgive the occasional blur, my friend Amy did a GREAT job capturing the process, but sometimes my movement was all over the place. Oh and after you make about 5 of these your nails will look as gross as mine. Judgey McJudgerstein!


First, gather several blooms to use for your first piece. Usually 3 or 4 creates a good size unless you’re working with a very large flower. Snip all the stems to about 1″ long.

Then get your wire and snip about 5″ pieces, 2 for each flower. We’re going to put the wire through the base of the flower where it will be the most secure. This varies for each flower, but on a spray rose it’s right through the fat part underneath the leaves. Put one piece of wire in one side and out the other.

Take a second piece of wire and put it through again, starting on an empty side to create a wire “X.”

Then bend all the wires down away from the bloom to create a new thin stem. Take your floral tape and place it at the top of the wire. Begin wrapping all the way down until you’ve covered the wire.

I find it’s super easy to wrap if you spin the flower, not the tape. It makes more sense if you’re actually trying to do this, but if you look at the picture above, I use my right hand to spin the flower at the top while controlling the tape placement with my left. Just give it a go- it’s easy peasy.

When you’ve wired all your flowers, I like to hit them with a light spray of clear life. It basically freezes the flower, so that it lasts longer out of water. Careful on dark colored flowers- if applied too heavily it can leave a haze. Gather a couple of wired flowers and play with a few arrangements. Keep in mind this little cutie needs to look good on someone’s shirt/top, so it’s helpful to hold it up in front of a mirror to see how it looks in place.

Once you have an idea of some heights and angles you like, get two blooms together and wrap them with tape. It doesn’t really matter which blooms, sometimes I used two of the same and sometimes I wrapped two different flowers together. I like to wrap them at different heights. Just play around with it- the tape comes off and you can rearrange things as much as you like. Shown below are both lysianthus blooms, one is just more open. Don’t be afraid to use blooms in all stages, it adds interest!

Now you keep building, wrapping in some filler and more flowers.

If you get everything in place the way you like, wrap one more piece of tape around the whole she-bang, and then trim the entire stem with some pruners or tough scissors to about 1 1/2″- 2″. Hit the whole arrangement with another light coat of Clear Life.

Wash your hands. Trust me.

Now it’s ribbon time! I won’t explain to you how to make the little bows, because quite frankly I kind of suck at it, and I’m sure my technique is not great. There are videos on youtube, or you could always get a Bow-Da-Bra machine :P You’ll notice my bow has 4 tails… the two flying out to the side are for securing it around the stem.

Starting at the back of your corsage, place the ribbon at the base of the arrangement with about an 1 1/2″ tail sticking up. Then fold the ribbon on itself at a 90 degree angle to start the wrap.

Wrap the ribbon around once to secure the tail in place, then begin going down the stem.

On the way down, it’s gonna look like dookie. No worries, this is normal.

Go down the stem far enough to cover the wrap, then start back up. This time, carefully place the ribbon as nicely as you can (angle, spacing, etc.). It doesn’t have to be perfect!

When you reach the top, wrap the ribbon around one more time then trim the tail to about 1 1/2″. Tie the two tails together at the back.

Place the bow at the front where you like it, then tie it around the back on top of the other knot.

Trim all the tails so you can’t see them from the front. I put two pins in the side of the wrapped stem before packaging (in case one drops or gets lost…) Put your little cutie in a bag, blow it up with air, then fold over the top several times and tape it shut. You’ll have a pretty nice pillow package that allows them to be stacked on top of eachother.


The only difference between a corsage and a boutonniere is that for the men’s version, you omit the bow, and they are typically a little smaller. Now it’s your turn to try! Would you give this a go for your next big event? Are you tired of seeing my nasty fingernails?

Lovely Crafty Weekend #65

So sorry for the lack of content this week! I got hired for a little floral gig and have been knee deep in corsages for 2 days. I’m definitely going to share the details with you next week, including how to make them!

Let’s take a look at some features from last week before we get into this week’s party.

Check out Ashley’s Dandelion Wishes for a video tutorial of these Stampin Up! super cute flowers.

{Ashley's Dandelion Wishes}

There’s a DIY gel air freshener tutorial at Tousled Day…so simple and money saving!

{Tousled Day}

Kimberley from The Brown Eyes Have It shared a recipe for a sweet rainbow layered dessert.

{The Brown Eyes Have It}

Mamie from Home Grown Beanes linked up this decadent Cinna-Sticks recipe, doesn’t it look delish?

{Home Grown Beanes}

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Paper Mache Update

I posted five years ago a couple months ago about a paper mache adventure involving faux taxidermy. It was hard to coordinate all our schedules together to finish our projects, but we finally did  manage to get the moose under control.

He belongs to my friend Lindsey who decided to spray paint him a lovely ivory color and glitter his antlers…check it out!

She’s still deciding how she wants to hang him, but we all think he turned out pretty cool for costing just a few dollars in supplies!

My deer is still under construction (poor guy had some structural issues that needed tending). Hopefully he’ll be done later this week. Have you all paper mache’d anything recently?

DIY Tripod Lamp

Oh sweet victory, this might be my favorite project to date. Seriously.

Do you ever start a project with grand hopes, and it turns out even better than you thought it would? Yeah, me neither. I mean, at least almost never. I’m lucky to come close to what I’m seeing in my head.

Try not to hate me for my $20 vintage tripod find. Picture me slow-mo running across the estate sale warehouse, reaching out for it screaming “OOOHHHHMMAAAAAHHGGGGAAAAWWWWDDD” and finally hoisting it above my head like it’s a piece of big game I’m feeding to my starving family.



Oh you know she was there. Across the room.

“I’m gonna make a LAMP out of this!”

{shakes tripod vigorously, legs flailing}

I do believe that if she wasn’t hoarding a boatload of cut glass and china in her hands she would have jumped for joy.

So flash forward to Home Depot, picking up these little joints:

Now this isn’t so much of a tutorial, per say, since all tripods are different and we had to adapt ours to the lamp kit in very specific way…but if you are dying for a tripod lamp don’t be intimidated by the “putting together” of it. It can be done!

Mine had two holes on the top, which I thought we could use to mount some sort of plate for the lamp kit.

Mike helped me out, because he’s got all kinds of spare parts and materials in the basement to rig something like this up. First we measured the distance between the holes. Mike happened to have a piece of scrap pvc sheet that he thought would work for the job, but we could have used wood also…just get creative!

He drilled 2 holes in the plate to match up with the holes on the tripod, and a hole in the middle for the lamp hardware. Two bolts with nuts went up through the holes to hold the plate in place.

Once we got it all wired up and attached it to the plate, it looked like this.

Now for the shade….ahhhhh…the pièce de résistance! I’ve actually had this sweet lampshade for over 6 months. It was on a crazy looking wood bucket storage lamp (yeah, the top of the lamp actually came off to reveal the bucket underneath). I remember it cost me $7 at Goodwill, which I thought was totally worth it for the shade alone.

I mean come on, check out some of the detail.

But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find a lamp base that worked with it. It was like Goldi-shade, and sadly she was banished to the closet. I’m so glad I never gave up and tossed it out though. She was just waiting for the right fit.


What do you think?

Lovely Crafty Weekend #64

Hello everyone, and thank you for joining me for another Lovely Crafty Weekend! Let’s see what you’ve been working on. I’m hoping to see some great Spring projects!!

Here are last week’s features:

Check out Stephanie’s recipe at Henry Happened for homemade sugar scrub, perfect for yourself or a gift!

{Henry Happened}

You know I love some Mod Podge, but I couldn’t believe what Khadija at Creative Mind used it for…her NAILS! What a neat idea! If it holds up any better than polish, I might just have to get on board.

{Creative Mind}

I love this succulent bowl shared by Debbie at On The Refrigerator Door…I definitely need one of these low maintenance setups haha.

{On The Refrigerator Door}

This is the ultimate in hidden storage, a beautiful quilt covering a knitting needle stash and thread. Check it out at 4 You With Love.

{4 You With Love}

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2) Share the love and comment on other people’s blogs! We all love comments!

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And the winner is




Amy from This DIY Life! Rafflecopter picked the winner. Thank you to everyone who entered! And thank you to Megan for this generous giveaway!

I also wanted to share with you that D’Arcy from Thirty-One is offering 10% off all orders through March 25th! This is a discount through D’Arcy only, it’s not a company wide offer- so be sure to check out her store to get the best deal! In order to get the discount, contact D’Arcy through phone or email (on her site) so she can give you the 10% off.


That’s how my new faucet looks :)

I’ll apologize in advance for the low light pictures, it is very difficult to capture this room in particular in anything other than perfect weather conditions.

Anyway…back to the faucet situation. Our old faucet has been getting steadily worse between the leaking sprayer and the broken gasket at the base causing the whole unit to rock back and forth. So finally, I decided to look around online to see what I could find. Here’s a reminder of our old faucet.

I stuck with the brushed nickel finish we had before…despite really really wanting ORB, our sink is still stainless steel, and I thought it would look “off.” I was excited to try the pull out sprayer style in a single hole, and this one happened to come with the cover plate (to cover any holes from a previous faucet) and a soap pump!

I love it! It works a lot better and adds some character to an otherwise unimpressive area [the sink]. The best part was that I got it for $84 including shipping-not bad considering every single hole faucet at the big box stores is at least $100. Now I can’t wait to upgrade my counters (concrete, hopefully) and put in a nice undermount sink!

What do you think? What kind of faucet do you have? Do you like it?