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Ok admit it, I know some of you have spray painted (or even brush painted!) your wall plates. I may or may not have been guilty of the same crime. 

What else is there to do when that almond light switch sticks out like a sore thumb? Sometimes you have an oddly place outlet that you just want to disappear. Or maybe you want to add some punch to a room without turning a photo of your kid’s face into a custom wall plate. 

Renu by Leviton is a new line of products designed to make switches, outlets, GFCIsdimmers, and sleek, screw-less wall plates match the interior of your home- whether you want them to blend in or stand out. 

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Renu® is easy to change and available in 20 paint colors- so you’re sure to find a perfect match for your home. And with the screw-less, snap on system, you can change the color as often as you like-no tools needed!

Since our home was brand new, I was lucky enough to get uniform white (albeit boring) outlet covers-which I’ve slowly been upgrading over the years we’ve been in the house. Some of them I’ve changed to match structural elements, like the craftsman style plate in my bathroom and the tile plates on my kitchen backsplash. 


But most of the wall plate options out there are limited to just simple 2 outlet set up, and sometimes you need something more…errr…extensive.  Fortunately, Renu® has options for those too. And I have just the spot. 

In our home, right as you walk in the door there is a giant bank of light switches. It has bothered me from day one, so why haven’t I done something about it?



Well, attractive 4 gang (that’s 4 switches on one plate) wall plates are hard to find. But it’s really about time I address this, I mean the poor plate has been painted about 100 times (oh yes, perk of going to a screwless system…easy removal for wall painting!)

Perusing Leviton’s offerings, I found a stylish option with no problem- now all I need to do is decide on a color.

Wood Smoke?

Or maybe Pebble Gray?

I think either of those colors would look great on my wall for a sort of tone-on-tone effect. But there are also some fun color offerings like this Rich Navy.

And if you’re in need of a 1 or 2 gang switch (way more common than my jumbo control panel), they also offer a stainless steel finish for those sizes. 

Would you like to learn more about Renu® products? The folks at Leviton are hosting three twitter parties to talk about their Renu® line:

Thursday, April 26th9pm EST

Wednesday, May 2nd9pm EST- Leviton is offering 2 sets of Broadway tickets as a grand prize for the twitter party on Wednesday night! Join in on the fun and see if you’ll win!

Just follow @Leviton and #Renu, and at the times above get involved in the conversation. You could win some Home Depot gift cards! Don’t forget to check out Leviton on Facebook– they share great information about energy savings (and they post giveaways too!)

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