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I don't know about you all, but we've had a crazy Spring so far with such late frosts that I am JUST NOW getting my seedlings in the ground for my garden. Maybe on paper it doesn't seem late, but I think last year I had everything started by April 1. Well I guess it turned out to be a fortuitous delay because I was able to take advantage of Whitney Farms® offer to have me try some of their organic plant food!

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I was super stoked to get two bags in the mail, one for tomato and veggies and one marked "all purpose." I decided to start with the All Purpose because I have flowers, herbs, veggies, and shrubs in my garden. But really I'm sure either variety would work great. Especially if you're just the watering sort, you'd be surprised at the difference fertilizer makes!

The bag gives directions for LARGE areas, so I followed the directions except I scaled it down quite a bit. I decided to add just a few pellets to each hole as I planted, and to sprinkle the soil around existing plants. Here in NC, we have what I'd like to call "Carolina-The-Death-Of-Most-Plants-Clay." Usually I dig a hole, fill it up a little bit with garden soil, and kind of mix it into the ground. Then I put the plant in and backfill. 

Adding the Whitney Farms plant food was easy:

Here's a shot of the hole with some garden soil. I just dropped in a few pellets (probably about 5-6). 

Then in goes the plant (creeping jenny in this case) and more garden soil.

It's just as easy as that! I followed the same steps for planting all my veggie seedlings down the side of my house. Here's a look:

Squash and zucchini:

I know it's not very impressive now since everything is tiny (except my insane parsley and thyme which weathered our mild winter), but believe me- it will grow! Whitney Farms has put over 25 years into the development of these all natural foods, so you can be sure that your plants are growing beautifully without worrying about any chemical additives sometimes found in other lawn and garden products. The pellet form makes it easy to apply, so you have no excuse not to have beautiful and productive plants!

Here's the best part though: Whitney Farms is offering YOU a $3 coupon to try any of their plant foods or organic soil. Click HERE to sign up and print it. 

So how many of you have started your garden? Are you trying any new plants/veggies this year?


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