Dear Rachael,

I know you’ve been on vacation, but frankly that’s no excuse. I understand that it’s hard to catch up on the 500 shows you DVRed while you were gone AND do work. There were so many season finales to prepare for!

Let’s get serious though. You’ve been back for over a week, and you’ve accomplished next to nothing aside from unpacking [half] your suitcase and doing one load of laundry. There may have been some Starbucks. The $5 for that venti skim 2 1/2 pump light mocha coconut frappaccino (no whip!) could have likely bought a piece of furniture for your booth. And you know the time it takes to find a spot in that teeny tiny itty bitty parking lot should have been spent doing something productive.

Please, I beg you. Your readers depend on you to be somewhat entertaining while explaining why everything you own is from a thrift store. In the future, be more clear on why this is cool. Don’t you have any good projects to prove it this week?

Did you even water your garden? Well, at least you got that cavity filled. Better to have decaying plants than teeth.

Your brother is moving out this week, and you have got to get started on the furniture you’re painting for him. Don’t forget all the other half finished projects you said you’d finish and share also. Stop being so coy. People can see right through those “here’s what I’m working on” posts with designed-to-be-vague photos giving the impression you are thisclose to sharing the best project ever.

I did notice you had a breakthrough today. You took that $5, and instead of going to Starbucks, you bought 2 of these chairs at Goodwill.

It must have been the caning that slapped you out of your funk.

Or maybe it was the shapely square legs that did it?

Or it could have just been that $10 was all it took to snag these diamonds in the rough. Either way, I’m glad you finally got some inspiration to DO something. Anything.



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  1. Sandy Walters

    you forgot that you worked on my bathroom your whole vacation!! Give yourself (my daughter) a break, lol!


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