It’s starting to look like the craft room is one of the longest running projects in the history of LCH. When I last left off, the hubs and I had installed some rustic looking shelves and built 2 work tables.

It was all still looking a little sparse. I mentioned that I had some finishing touches to add, which included some skirts for the tables. As usual, what started out as a simple idea-fabric stapled to table-ended up snowballing into a bonafide sewing project. Nine yards of light muslin fabric, some velcro, and burlap scraps later…well…I’ll let you see the pictures.

I love that I can remove them to wash if I need to! Though stapling would have been much faster and cheaper, ultimately the finished look I got with the extra effort was well worth the time and $6 velcro (sorry about the bad placement of the skirt in the pic below, I had just thrown them back on after hemming).

Now the hard part- actually organizing everything and making it look cute on the open shelving. I’m trying to reuse things I have around already for awhile and maybe slowly upgrade to more matching pieces later. I’ve set up my painting tools on the far left with the sewing and knitting moving more to the right. Things are still looking a bit rough, but I’m sure it will get better with some time. I want to figure out what I really need as far as quick access to tools, height of things, and general storage before investing a lot of time/money in systems that won’t work for me.

And now, for my sewing desk. Since the counter height work table is designed to stow away when not in use, I really wanted a small table where I can keep my sewing machine set up all the time. I had 4 stacking storage cubes from the basement that I brought up and topped with a piece of mdf. It seems to work pretty well so far. Eventually I will figure out some nice finish for the top and secure the whole thing together.

The curtains came from my stash, they were actually in this room when I first started my blog. Depending on how long you’ve been reading, you may or may not know about my faux capiz shell light fixture which I LOVE in this space as an office even more than a bedroom.

The right side of the room is being intentionally left out of the pictures for now because it looks like I just threw all the crap that hasn’t been organized over there so it wouldn’t be in my shot. Oh wait.

Continuing plans for the space: DIY some sort of floor cloth that’s easy to sweep/mop, gather all of my craft supplies from the rest of the house into this one spot in an organized fashion, utilize the closet in some way (hanging pantry rack on the back of the door for wrapping supplies?), paint the desk chair if I decide to keep it (I was thinking something fun like white with color dipped legs), etc., etc., etc.

And THEN I can work 😛

Actually I’ve already been spending quite a bit of time in there doing projects (unrelated to the space itself) and really enjoy it. That’s a good sign since I almost never hung out in my old basement corner. I am super stoked to have a place to work that is just my own and out of site of company. Crafting at the large dining table was nice, but we’ve had more than one dinner amongst a work in progress. #housewifingfail

So what about you guys? Do you have a dedicated craft space? Do you actually use it?

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  1. wendy

    Love the table skirts and your moveable craft desk. I have an entire double bedroom for my craft room and I spend most weekends up there. In reality, I only do sewing, papercraft and painting projects up there. All my embroidery, cross stitch, knitting, crochet and jewellery making is done downstairs in the living room!

  2. Julie

    so many comments to make!! I love the open shelves- very simple and thin enough to not take over the wall/waste space/make the wall overwhelming. Awesome! And I love your bottom shelves/work table. Brilliant! And I love the skirts~ great idea to make the removable and washable, especially in a craft room. And the burlap accent is really pretty.

    and most of all, I want to say that I appreciate seeing a craft room “make-over” that didn’t involve either: 1) spending big bucks buying all new things- I mean, we could ALL go to the store and buy spectacular craft rooms! 2) decorating every single surface with over-the-top decorations, making it really overwhelming to look at. Yours looks like the perfect workspace, and something I could do myself!

    Thanks for an inspiring post. I’m going to find a way to make one of those work tables in my home!

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