Today I’m working on a project with a [new to me] product called Gallery Glass. It’s made by Plaid, the same company who makes Mod Podge. If you’ve never heard of Gallery Glass, it’s a special glass paint that is used to create a faux stained glass look.

I know what you’re thinking. Don’t judge me….yet.

To be honest I’m a little scared of the full on stained glass look, but I have been obsessed with simple lead privacy glass.

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Since we bought the house over 5 years ago, I have both loved and hated the glass insert on the front door.
I did achieve a higher end look by using gel stain to simulate a solid wood door (our door is faux woodgrain fiberglass). But we are still missing privacy. Along with the glass on the door, the whole front of our house has windows- which basically means we can wave to people walking by from our couch. Not that I don’t love my neighbors (seriously best. street. ever.), but I’m really not trying to be like “Hey what’s up!” in my robe drinking my morning coffee.
Awhile back I looked into some privacy film, even the DIY windex + contact paper method, but I don’t really like the “frosted” look. I want that old wavy/bubbly/swirly glass- you know, the classic kind found in old houses and churches. And since I do actually live in what is supposed to be a Craftsman style home (I’m sure you’ve heard me rant before about the lack of character in my new construction), I figured I could get away with trying something a little errrrr….specific? Historic? A wee bit crazy?
Enter Gallery Glass. Now I’ve done a fair bit of research on the stuff, and it looks pretty legit. I’m hoping that what I end up with looks close to real and not like kid’s craft. Since I am a little gun shy, I was happy to find out that Gallery Glass is completely removable. People make those window clings out of the stuff. Once I found that out, it was full steam ahead. How bad could it be?
Let’s find out!
P.S. This is not a sponsored post, I literally just discovered the product and am going to try it/review it on my own.

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  1. Janet

    I can’t wait to check it out. I have always wanted my bathroom window different (since it looks into the neighbor’s yard!) Waiting patiently to see how yours turns out!

  2. Mandy F.

    I read a tutorial on The Pink Peony of Jardin…( and she made some faux stained glass hangings. They were nice, but the part you might be interested in is the treatment she did around her disign to get that wavy-kinda-bubbly look. Sounded pretty simple. You should check it out- unless you already have, in which case, disregard my comment! ;). (You probably have already found this technique in your own research.) I also wanted to say I love your blog and all your projects! Keep it up- you are very inspiring, both in your abilities and your fearlessness!!

    • rachaelevans

      Mandy, I did see that tutorial, hers came out beautifully! I was just afraid the background texture she did might be too busy for my large space. Thank you so much for reading!!!

  3. Danielle

    My mom (who I clearly dont get my crafty-ness from!) used to use this on any glass she could get her hands on! I think at one point, every bedroom and bathroom window had something on it! She even did a swirl pattern with a foam brush on the underside of a glass table so our fingerprints didnt show too much! If she could successfully do it, you will have no problems! I have one of those clings on my bathroom window, but never thought of this! Maybe I will have to give it a try again for old time sake! Good luck and I can’t wait to see it! Always love your projects and am totally jealous of your craft room! Come by anytime and make me a room like yours!


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