If so,

I’m looking for YOU! Yes, this is a pitch. But it’s awesome, I swear.

I got to thinking that so many people want to see pictures of the floors in different homes, rooms, using different stains, or even papers…so….

Why not collect all of these things in one place? Right here at Brown Paper Central a.k.a Lovely Crafty Home. Did you know that The Ultimate Brown Paper Flooring Guide (and related posts) is the #1 viewed content here on LCH? And if you google “brown paper floors,” LCH is in the top results (mostly #1 or #2)? Would you like to be seen here, for free???

Friends, I want your brown paper story. If you want to be included in the Brown Paper Wrap Up gallery, please send:

  • (Preferably high quality) images of your floors- the more the better
  • What you put your floors over (wood subfloor, concrete, linoleum, etc)
  • SHORT version of technique (i.e. poly only, 3:1 water:elmers)
  • What kind of paper you used
  • What kind of finishing product you used (stain, poly, etc)
  • Blog/contact info (optional, but good for your traffic!)

to lovelycraftyhome@gmail.com.

I’m not sure exactly how the gallery will end up looking, but I’m hoping to have a better idea once I see how many people I need to include. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s results!


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  1. Renee Cook

    Hey Rachael, I have done 3 rooms so far. I don’t have a website so can I send my pictures to your direct email? Renee

  2. Tiffany Taylor

    I’ve done two rooms so far would love to send you some pictures would need to send them to your emai if I can figure that out.


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