Update Your Boring Builder Bathtub With AIRSTONE!

When Airstone contacted me last month to see if I’d be interested in trying their product, I had no idea what it was. So, of course I checked out the site and did a little research. It didn’t take me long to think this super light faux stone had loads of potential in all kinds of applications. Here are just a few pictures from other customers posted to the website:

Airstone as kitchen backsplash

Airstone for a built in look in an outdoor kitchen

So, what is Airstone? Technically, it’s a manufactured stone veneer containing 80% recycled materials. That means it’s lighter than real stone as well as concrete, and it’s eco-friendly. To install, all you need is adhesive, a putty knife, and a hacksaw. You can use it for indoor and outdoor applications (on appropriate substrates).

But here’s my favorite part: it’s affordable. You get all the benefits of a natural stone look without having to buy thinset, grout, spacers…or a wet saw. Bonus: you don’t have to know how to use any of that stuff either.

Since I tackled my kitchen backsplash the old fashioned way awhile ago (got the wetsaw in the basement to prove it), I thought for a long time about the best way to feature Airstone in my home. I wanted to try something I hadn’t seen on Pinterest yet. The idea of an accent wall appealed to me, but I couldn’t decide where I’d do it. If you read the title of this post, you can probably decipher where this project is heading…

guest bathroom before

That’s the guest bathroom (the main floor bathroom) in all it’s builder grade glory- a pre-fab, 3 walled tub/shower surround with zero awesomeness. I have been dreaming of “re-facing” the front of the tubs in both bathrooms for some time (I have a different material in mind for upstairs, it starts with a “bead” and ends with an “oard”). Since I knew Airstone can be used outside, I got pretty excited about the prospect of trying it out in this application. One of their installation experts gave me the go ahead in a quick chat, then I was off and running.

Currently Airstone comes in two colors, one being more gray and the other more tan. I chose the gray (Spring Creek) because I thought it would look best with the wall colors and vanity. Since I wasn’t rounding any corners and both sides of the tub have walls, I only needed the flat stones (there are also “corner” and “natural edge” varieties). Two boxes of Airstone, 2 tubes of PL Premium Construction Adhesive, a putty knife, and a hacksaw came home with me. Cue Instagram.


I already had a caulk-gun, so I didn’t buy one- but you will need one for the exterior adhesive. P.S. I’m convinced there is no such thing as a dripless caulk gun. But back to the install, here it is in two steps:

applying adhesive to airstone

airstone for bathroom

If that seems simple, that’s because it is. You just lay the stones end-to-end however you like, trying to alternate the seams (like wood flooring). Now if you have one of these pre-fab tub/showers deals, you might already know that the tub front is not completely flat. If you look at the top right corner of the tub you can see the tub goes slightly in. I had a hunch that I’d be able to compensate with the Airstone because of the natural depth variation in each stone, something I doubt would be possible with a straight tile job (at least not without installing a flat surface first). Totally worked. Yeah, that almost never happens to me on the first try. I was shocked too.

Because my tub is not very wide, I started with stones on one end and installed about 3 or 4, then I moved to the other side. I just didn’t want to have all cut pieces at one end. But the adhesive has quite a long working time, so you can replace stones as needed if you want. Make your cuts as you go, it’s best not to move onto the next row with a hole on the previous. A simple hacksaw will cut Airstone, no power tools needed.

diy tub surround with airstone

When I got to the last row of full height bricks (not to the top, but as far up as I could go), I started experimenting with trim. I tried a piece of molding (similar to chair rail), but actually simple quarter round looked the best! First I had to deal with that little inset area in the corner though, remember? My first inclination was to ignore it…I mean the shower curtain would cover it anyway. I’d just cut a piece to go the length of the inner portion and call it a day.

But I just couldn’t! I mean I’ve been working with my little miter box saw for awhile now, and it’d be a shame to waste all those skills…

adding molding to tub surround

Ok-so by those cuts you wouldn’t think I have skills, but I swear the problem is that it’s not exactly a 90 degree corner. I knew I’d have to fudge it with caulk and spackle.

airstone and molding tub surround

Looking pretty finished now, I’m on a roll!

adding quarter round on top

Oh yeah, check out that craftsmanship. Amazing. Or, it will be after come spackle, caulk, and paint- which is still in the works (stuff takes time to dry, yo). And it will be covered by curtains. Ready?

pin it

diy tub surround using airstone

Ohmygosh I totally pulled a curtain switch on you too, did you notice? Well I couldn’t very well install a posh tub surround and then cover it up with a curtain now could I?

curtain panels

If you are patient, you can find two matching curtain panels that are not lime green at Ross. It took me about a week. I also picked up a set of sheers with a bonus valence (for another project, you’ll see!). I got an extra tension rod for $4.99, so I think this was less than $25 alltogether.

The curtains and (1) sheer panel are on a rod, and the liner is on another rod behind. I’m not sure if this is the best permanent solution, ideally the liner and sheer would be together (in my head, I want the curtains to stay still and the liner/sheer to be opened and closed). I’m still working on executing that. But this works for now, especially since it’s a guest bathroom. I may add a cornice box up top, which is why the curtain height is kinda weird. If I add the box, I can lower the rod…

In any case, let’s not throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater. Just focus on the tub. With the Airstone. And its awesomeness.

prefab tub makeover

adding airstone to prefab tub

airstone tub surround

airstone on bathtub


  1. Marsha Milstock says:

    Rachael that bathtub is gorgeous.
    From ordinary, to extraordinary!
    Beautiful job.

  2. Fabulous!!! Inspiration on a Monday morning…great way to start the week :D thank you…

  3. WOW…that is amazing. What a transformation! That’s a terrific product. My husband and I have a couple rental houses…my wheels are SPINNING!!!
    Thanks for the ideas!!
    Mary Fran

  4. Jody peterson says:

    Wow!!! I love it. So I totally did bead ord haha! on my upstairs bathtub and the down is only a shower. Do you think Airstone would work inside the shower over butt ugly tiles???

  5. Such a crafty woman! What a great project…and a great looking bathroom!

  6. Wow…looks great! I’ve seen those at Lowe’s, I think, but it never would have occurred to put them on a tub. backsplash is about as far as my creativity would take me!

  7. Leslie Cross says:

    Rachael…This stuff looks awesome!! I have been looking for something different to do my backsplash in the kitchen with and I think I just found it! How much is it a box? Do you know how many square feet one box does? Thanks, darling…love it and love you!! Mom Cross

    • Rachael Evans says:

      It’s $49.99/box and the flat stones cover 8 sq ft. Let me know if you try it!!

    • Leslie,
      Check out our AirStone calculator on our website. It tells you how much you need to purchase, which helps cut down on waste!

      Let us know if you have questions by visiting the contact us page!

      • Theresa Lambert says:

        Hi Brad,
        We have a 3 piece surround fibre glass or acrylic tub. We would like to do the outside of thentub, as well as the inside main wall of the tub. Is the airstone reccomended for inside of a shower? What are the dimensions of this product?
        We also see that many have asked about if the Airstone is staying on the tub after a considerable length of time? Has there been any issues withnthe stone coming off the tub?
        Do you ship to Canada?

    • I would also love to try as back splash, have you tried it yet?
      Judy k.

  8. I’m so glad you posted this! I had been looking into AirStone for a while for my kitchen backsplash. But, after mucho Googling, I’ve only found two different posts online about people using it. I’m glad to see you speaking so highly of it!

    Are you going to seal it any way, like you would do with stone tile? Or is it fine as is?

  9. Looks like the real deal!! Thanks for sharing this project…will definitely have to keep this in mind!

  10. Simply GORGEOUS! Great job!!

  11. How easy is it to clean since it is in the bathroom?

    • Rachael Evans says:

      You can put a sealer on it if you like, but honestly I think it would be fine without it. It wipes with soap/water pretty easily, but it’s not really in an area that gets that dirty in my house (since it’s a guest bath, the tub rarely gets used).

  12. I love this idea!! simple and beautiful, i will definitely keep it in mind!!!

  13. how light is it exactly? I wonder if you could put a strong magnet strip on the back instead of glueing it to the bath. (thinking renter friendly!)

    • what about using caulk on the back that might scrape off when leaving. Id test it first though.

    • A hot glue gun is great for applying things to surfaces like bathtubs, countertops, ceramic tile or glass backsplashes, etc. Use a large blob of glue on each corner of whatever material you’re gluing (rather than spreading the glue across the entire surface), and press it firmly into place. To remove, slip a plastic or metal putty knife behind the glue blobs, and they should pop right off. Perfect for renters!

  14. What does it feel like? Does it feel like stone or does it feel like foam?

    Just curious. It looks gorgeous! (Adding it to my beautiful builder basics board!) AllThingsGirly on pinterest

  15. It looks great. I would think though that for a tub that gets a lot of use it should be sealed not because of it getting dirty or anything but because of the moisture buildup. I wouldn’t want all my hard work going to waste. It completely changed the look and feel of the room.

  16. It looks fantastic! What a wonderful project to make a plain bathroom look so grand! Bravo!

  17. Sonya Noga says:

    What an awesome idea and what wonderful results!

  18. This looks so pretty! You did a fabulous job! I saw this pinned on pinterest and decided to investigate. We have this type of stone in our kitchen and master bath. It was here when we bought the house, I had no idea what it was called. I love the look though. I am thinking about incorporating it into other parts of our home as well, but the idea of DIY was so intimidating. I am so glad to find your tutorial, I didn’t realize how simple it would be!

  19. Awesome job! I tiled my bathroom floor with flat river stones (you know, the kind on the mesh background), but I’m not very happy with how the caulking where the tiles meet the tub looks. I think this might solve my problem, and be in the same theme as what I already have (the river stones are white and grey)

    Can this stuff be painted? Maybe it I paint some of them a white shade so that they REALLY tie into the theme…….

  20. This is amazing – I need to find this product in Canada….any ideas where? I have been looking and can’t find…..in the Toronto area.

    • The only place I could find it was Lowe’s… they are in Canada too aren’t they? It is supper easy to install however a bit messy when you have to cut the bricks.

  21. A Gglass sliding door would look awesome with the stone look

  22. Isabella J. says:

    So very impressed! You have given me the best idea with this, I was going to buy regular tile tomorrow! So glad I found you!

  23. Can you get it at home improvement stores like Home Depot? And, do you think it would work on a tiled fireplace? Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  24. Did only one box cover the side of the tub or did you need more?

  25. Rachael, this is a great new look for your tub! :)

  26. Love your tub! I would like to do something similar in my bathroom. I have one concern…some of the reviews on other sites rated airstone poorly for use in wet environments. Is yours holding up? Do you have any crumbling problems? Just trying to do all the research before I delve in. Thanks for the help!

    • Rachael Evans says:

      Kristin- I’ve only had mine up a few weeks, so I can’t really speak to the long term use yet. But I would imagine it has a lot to do with the install. It’s possible people aren’t using the right adhesive or putting it on an approved substrate.

  27. We recently used Airstone to refinish our fireplace and we love it. I noticed in your post you used PL Premium Construction Adhesive. Is there a reason why you didn’t use the Airstone Adhesive? Did you have to change it up since you were installing on a tub? Looks great!

  28. I have the old enamel coated cast iron tubs with lovely PINK tiles..will the Airstone stick to this type tub?

  29. Love this. We did our kiitchen island and our fireplace last year. I would recommend using only the construction adhesive not the airstone adhesive. The air stone adhesive made a holy mess and only had white color so it does stick out a little bit in places. I’d be interested for the inside walls of the tub. We wanted to use it outdoors but it chips fairly easy. Not sure how it would hold up in extreme conditions.

  30. Tami Moody says:

    What about water getting behind the stone?

  31. Love it! looked at our tub this morning only to find its not flat :( I am however interested in how to hung the curtains. I am redoing our bathroom (we bout an old farm house) and I love the look of the curtains but I am a bit worried about what the top would look like. I did look into a double curved rod but they are a bit pricey. We love our curved shower rod but I’m at a loss on how to hang the Curtains. Any advice would be great. Thanks ~ Liz

  32. Hi. It looks great and the tutorial is great. I wanted to give you a head’s up that someone has ripped off your picture. I first saw this on Pinterest, but the pin linked to a site that just has one of your pictures, but there is no link to your website. I only knew it was you by your watermark. Here’s the url in case you want to ask them to take it down: http://homeimprovementpin.com/2013/02/05/i-love-this-sticking-stones-on-a-tub/

  33. Lori Schulte says:

    Thanks! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for to use on the front of a removable panel on our zacuzzi tub. It’s older in style, but still fully functional, but the front panel is just plan ugly! This will work out perfectly!!! Appreciate your sharing and your attention to the details! Well Done!

    • I agree. I love my Jacuzzi but, the panel door has never looked right! I love the look of this product but, I’m thinking we would have to disguise a door. How did you do this project with your jacuzzi door panel? Did you find a way of covering the panel and still making the motor accessible?

  34. We are doing this to our tub this weekend!

  35. where did you get your first, dark blue shower curtain?
    It looks amazing but have you had any problem with the adhesive failing from all the moisture in the bathroom?

    • Rachael Evans says:

      Hi Jeanine. Target! No, we haven’t had any problems. It was recommended that I used the exterior PL Construction adhesive instead of the Airstone interior adhesive because of the high moisture application. Airstone can be applied to outdoor spaces using the same method, it’s ok if it gets wet!

  36. This looks awesome and we are about to completely renovate a bathroom so we are looking for all kinds of ideas. We can’t afford anything but a standard tub/shower so I love the idea of some diy upgrading after the contractor is done! has anyone had any other ideas for that top edge? the bathroom being redone is the main bath for 3 children plus all guests – ie, it is quite actively used. That wood corner molding is just NOT going to work.

    • Rachael Evans says:

      Michelle- The molding isn’t wood..it’s foam core molding, check your local home improvement store for it!

      • meredithvb says:

        For the uneven corner, did you use the molding also? I can’t tell from the picture if it is the same material. Great use of the airstone! It is going to be my next project!

  37. Wow! That looks fantastic!! :)

  38. Just curious how this is holding up?? I love the look, but I’m worried about the stone popping off the tub. Have you had any issues?

  39. What a great idea, and beautifully executed!

  40. Looks like a spa tub now! What a creative use for them…love it.

  41. Would this stone hold up on the wall under a kitchen bar? I am just wondering since it is “softer” if my kids can put their foot through it? LOL! I guess they haven’t put their feet through the dry wall yet, so I am hoping this would work! Also, how would you work with the trim at the bottom of the wall? Would I just leave it off altogether? Or add 2×4 (or whatever size would work) to bring it out flush with the stone?

  42. Interesting! I bet it would be a good idea to insulate the tub walls first. http://www.homeremade.com is doing a series on insulation and mentions putting insulation around the tub in the latest post.

  43. I am interested in using this as a back splash in my kitchen. I am wondering how easy it would be to clean if food or liquid splattered on it? Do you have any information about that?

    • Rachael Evans says:

      Patti- You can seal it with natural stone sealer (like you would a regular tile backsplash) which will help with cleaning. It cleans with soap and water!

  44. Allie Shields says:

    I love this, it looks amazing! I’m trying to re-create this look for an apartment bathtub – do you have any ideas? I’m thinking something like sticking the airstone to a board then have the board somehow removably adhered to the bathtub wall.

    • Rachael Evans says:

      Allie- Yes!! I have thought about doing that as a temporary solution for a kitchen backsplash too (for a renter). I think you could definitely pull something like that off. I’m not sure how to secure it…is the tub sandwiched between two walls?

    • You could buy a sheet of whiteboard paneling at Lowes or H.D. for approx $14.00, and have them cut it to size for free. Then attach your AirStone to the board, and hot glue the board to the kitchen backsplash or the side of your tub. If you put it on a tub, you might want to run a line of silicone DAP across the top, to keep water from running onto the paneling.

      Here’s my comment from above:

      A hot glue gun is great for applying things to surfaces like bathtubs, countertops, ceramic tile or glass backsplashes, etc. Use a large blob of glue on each corner of whatever material you’re gluing (rather than spreading the glue across the entire surface), and press it firmly into place. To remove, slip a plastic or metal putty knife behind the glue blobs, and they should pop right off. Perfect for renters!

  45. Jennifer W says:

    Since the stone is porous, what worry is there about mildew/mold? Is it resistant?

  46. lisa goodale says:

    the face of my tube is not even, it has a decorative indention- any idea how I can deal with that?, love the way this looks , great job!

  47. I did this to my bathtub last night thanks to your inspiration! It definitely was as easy as you said it was. I’m going to take the quarter round tomorrow. Thanks for the great idea!

  48. This is AWESOME!!! I love, love, love this! If I ever have the chance to do something like this, I totally will! This is one of the best tutorials ever! :D

  49. Love this idea. My husband & I are building a house and we saw this product in Lowe’s. 1st thought we had was to put it on the wall around the breakfast bar! The lighter color matches the stones going on the fireplace so it’ll be perfect!

  50. First time I’ve been here and I can, with all honesty, say that “I Love You”! This is a FAB idea! A major transformation in about an hours work, I’d say. I can’t find enough places to share this idea though, lol!

  51. Gorgeous tub upgrade!!!! PS…I want to buy that blue curtain off you!!! ;)

  52. just curious, would you have any suggestions for doing it less… permanently? as in for an apartment bathroom?

  53. you could also go to the top edge of the tub and cap it with marble

  54. Retired carpenter says:

    Solution: not recommended for Jacuzzi tubs with access panels on the front . But still can be done by using 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch plywood. Measure your width and/or height make sure your width fits loosely. Apply the stone to the plywood leaving 4 stones on all four corners not glued in a bout 6 inches from each corner. 6 inches from top and bottom and sides. Now with all the stone dried and set your panel will be ready to install. Screw the panel directly to the Tub. Now set the for missing stones by using self adhesive Velcro strips. Now if you have to get in your access panel removed and four stones removed the four screws and remove the whole pane. The upper 1/4 around can be glued directly to the tub and caulked do not cock the quite around to the stone leave enough room for removing the panel. Solution problem solved for Jacuzzi problems with access panels. Enjoy

  55. I don’t usually comment on posts I find on pinterest (shame on me), but I wanted to let you know that I really, really like this. I have one of ‘those’ in a very small master bath, and I’m looking for ways to spruce up the bathroom without taking up additional (or non existent) space. This is wonderful!

  56. Mrs. Franklin says:

    I like the stones – very pretty! But I don’t like the trim at the top. I feel like over time the wooden trim would get wet and warp or even mold. Maybe there is an alternative to the wooden trim?

    • Rachael Evans says:

      It’s actually not wood, it’s the plastic-like composite stuff (super light and easy to cut) that they sell at Home Depot and Lowes. This is not our main bathroom either, so I’m pretty confident this will hold up :)

  57. Did you have to grout or do anything to the Airstone after it was applied? If so, how did you do this and what products did you use?

    • Rachael Evans says:

      Erin, I didn’t but you can use sealer (like for granite counters) that you can find in the tiling section at a hardware store.

  58. ThatOneGirl says:

    Curious if the stones can come off easily if you were to do it at an apartment? Haha

    • Rachael Evans says:

      They wouldn’t with the adhesive you’re supposed to use, but I am tempted to suggest hot glue. It’s a totally unsanctioned use of hot glue and Airstone, of course LOL

  59. Two Questions:

    1) I have a large wood panel wall, will it work and stick to real wood?
    2) My fireplace is a large brick wall, will the adhesive work over brick and will the result be too bulky??

    • Rachael Evans says:

      Liz, yes it will adhere to wood and brick!! The stones are about 1/2″ thick if that helps you decide!

  60. Have you tried it on a wall. I have a bathroom wall I’d like to cover. If you can put it on a wall, can you hang a picture too?

  61. I’m so excited I found this! I just recently bought my first home, a fixer upper, and the bathtub is GOLD! I don’t want to knock down more walls than I have to, and the tub is I good shape, but I hate the look. I was debating putting up something like bead board, but was afraid of mold and mildew! This seems to be the perfect solution to my problem! Pair the stone with a nice new shower curtain and I should be good to go! Thank you! :)

  62. I love this… But when I move out I’m planning to rent so I think it would be a safer bet to stick them to each other not the tub… And I would also go one or two stones above the tub cause then you can cut the curtain to stop a little bit below the cute and it will stay clean and you can still see the stones. Love this I’m glad I saw it otherwise I wouldn’t of had any idea what to do with the bathroom.

  63. Veronica Bobonica says:

    Fabulous! I love when people think OUTSIDE of average! This is beautiful! You did a great job with the curtain pulling the colors from the stone.

  64. Did you need both boxes? I tried the calculator and it said we’d only ned one box

    • Rachael Evans says:

      I only needed one box I’d say, but I wanted the variety of lengths from two, if that makes sense.

  65. I want to try this but I rent is there a way to remove the tiles once we move?

  66. Thanks for showing me this, been wanting to renovate the bathroom for months but didn’t want to rip a tub out. Airstone looks like it may be perfect for my situation.

  67. I just did this to our tub this weekend and I have to say it looks amazing! This was such a fantastic idea that I had to try it and it was so easy to do. Our bathroom has a rustic type theme so it was perfect and it gave it a different look because we have glass doors rather than a curtain. Thanks for the idea!!

  68. Would this work to cover tile on a bathroom wall? I have pink and blue tile half way up the walls in my bathroom, I have been looking for something to cover it with.

  69. Is there any prep work when using this product on a regular wall? I would like to do this in the bathroom and kitchen, which are just standard drywall covered in flat paint. Also, how is the tub holding up? Since it is a guest bathroom, is the tub even used very often?

  70. Sue Lehrer says:

    Wondering if you could overlay an ugly outdated fireplace surround?

  71. Chasity says:

    Beautiful idea! I want to use this idea in our new master bath. I have a garden tub that needs tile or something done but wasn’t sure what to use. I’m definitely using this idea for the front but still not sure what to use for the top. Do you have any ideas?

  72. This is so amazing, I’m totally over the moon in love with the look!! We are in the process of giving our old, outdated original 1978 bathroom a makeover, and I was googling for pictures trying to find if anyone had cemented ceramic tile to the front of their tub, (couldn’t find any) then I saw yours! I am SO going to do this!! I might run to Lowe’s tonight! Thank you for the great idea and wonderful pics!!

  73. This is brilliant!! I’m thinking I could use this same basic method to do a removable backsplash in my apartment kitchen. I don’t have a backsplash right now, it’s just the wall, so it doesn’t work to just hot glue them to the tile backsplash…because there isn’t one :). I like the idea of screwing the board into the wall (screw holes are allowed in apartment walls) and then just adhering airstone over those screws with Velcro.

    Would you suggest doing anything differently if doing this for a kitchen backsplash? I’m wondering how it would look to have 1/2″ thick plywood with the 1/2″ thick airstone where I would have to cut out for the outlets. You would be able to see both layers of thickness (plywood and airstone) along the edge of the outlet. Any thoughts on how to disguise that?

  74. How hard is it to keep the airstone clean when it is used in the shower as a shower wall? Is there a product that makes keeping the airstone as a shower wall clean?

  75. Lesa Kosteck says:

    it is indeed (sing it with me) “AWE-SOOOOOME!”.. I’ll be utilizing this product (which I’d never heard of before coming across your article ..thank you) in many applications in the home that we’ll be putting on our land in the (hopefully) near future… I’ll definitely be checkin’ out more of your articles and saving your site to my favorites and frequents … Nothin’ but the best to you and yours… ;) me

  76. Frankenmadlaa says:

    I love the idea but didn’t fnd anything like this in Germany!
    Does somene know if AIRSTONE is available in Germany?

  77. Thanks for this Airstone post. Oh and by the way I totally loved that blue shower curtain.

  78. Hello, I love what you did with the bathtub, looks fantastic! My question though is regarding the curtains and shower curtains. Did you hang two different rods, one for each curtain. Did you hang them same height or staggered? I’m working on a bathroom redo and really like that look. Thanks for your help.

  79. We did this to our tub after seeing this and it turned out amazing. It was really easy to do! It makes the entire bathroom look better, I suggest if your thinking about doing it to just go ahead!!

  80. Ok, so I have been wanting to do a kitchen backsplash and I think I may have to try and copy this exact look! You don’t mind do you?! :)

  81. HI My only concern would be the trim. It fixes the problem but maybe with children I’m curious if it would get to wet from baths etc. but then again one could just replace it lol. Have you noticed anything? Thanks

  82. Wow wow wow!! I love the look, but need to use a different topper for my bathroom. I’ll have to browse Round my local hardware store to see if I can find inspiration!

    Thank you.,


  83. Oh! Lovely! Now, how about modern looking glass doors? Not those old fashioned sliders, but the new modern ones! That would be the finished touch.

  84. Where is the least inexpensive place to buy this?

  85. I plan on tackling this project but am curious as to how kid friendly it is. Granted my kids don’t play with the outside of the tub…but I do have 3 young children who take daily baths in it.

    • Rachael Evans says:

      Hi Candis, honestly I’m not sure…because we don’t use the tub that much it’s hard to say. It is meant for exterior use, so I think that says a lot about the durability and we have had no problems with it!

  86. Kristal Penner says:

    The tub looks amazing. I’m preparing to sell my home and need some wow features like this. The only thing I didn’t see on your blog is about how much you spent on the AirStone and adhesive. Do you remember?


    • Rachael Evans says:

      Hi Kristal, I believe boxes of 8 sqft are around $50/each. The price on the adhesive might vary by location, I used the exterior PL brand, a couple of tubes.

  87. Is there a way i can do this but so i can remove it later?

  88. This is so me. Very elegant. thank you for posting

  89. Hopefully you gave them permission, but it didn’t link back to your article, so I wanted to let you know that one of your photos is posted here: http://diycozyhome.com/how-to-hide-ugly-built-in-tubs-with-faux-stone/

    I love this post, btw, and I think this product fits right in with the mid-century aesthetic I love, so I’m going to look into it! :)

  90. never mind, it totally does link to you, I just scrolled past it seriously five times! I’m an idiot!

  91. This seems to be like my own shower my family and i got a hold of just lately, very happy with it for individuals
    found on the fence about buying one, do it,
    you wont regret it

  92. Wonderful interior pictures depicting great creativity and unique design. Really inspiring with natural material being used to enhance the overall appeal of the room!

  93. Would you be able to use this on the front of a walk in shower base?

  94. How many boxes did it take to cover the side of the tub?

  95. Can these be cut horziontally with a hacksaw if the last row dosent come out even?

  96. this is so awesome!! i will definitely have to save this blog for when i get a house this year ( hopefully) and make my tubs look like this!

  97. Carolyn says:

    Great idea! Wonder if you can use the loop tape. Attach one side to tub and other side to individual bricks. Love your ideas!

  98. This would be a great addition to any bathroom. It is a good way to mix things up and add a little creativity to your bathroom.

  99. nathalie says:

    i really love your idea. I would like to know if i can put your idea in my facebook and translate in french your word in the picture. I will put your name of website as a source.
    Do i have your permission?
    Thanks and continue your good job

  100. is this removable? i am renting an outdated home and id like to make it look some what nice, and i thought this was to cute , and just wondering if i could pull this off

  101. Madeleine says:

    Can anyone think of a way to do this/something similar to this where it would be easy/semi easy to disassemble? I live in an apartment and would love to do something like this, but would need to take it back down once I move out.

  102. Kathi Jackson says:

    Quick Question:
    Can it be removed later without doing permanent damage? It looks great now but who knows what will be in style in 5 or 10 years. Has anyone had any experience with removing it after a period of time?

  103. priscilla says:

    I don’t like it. It looks tacky to me. Who has a stone bathtub with vinyl on top?

  104. So beautiful! I want my dream home to be stone and wood themed and this would be perfect for the bathroom. Thanks for the tutorial!

  105. Where can u purchase these air stones?


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