DIY Kitchen Backsplash with Airstone

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  1. Bryan

    Did you mix the 2 colors of airstone? Or is this just the grey one or tan one? I’m about to do this and can’t decide what color to go with

      • Bryan

        Ok, thank you. May I ask if you’re happy with the color? I was afraid it might be too dark in my kitchen, and look more like concrete. I was sure from analyzing all of your photos that you had some brown in there, but it must just be light gray. I’d like to give the look you have and am a bit afraid of blending without seeing it. I wish they had one more color that was a darker brown!

      • Rachael Evans

        Bryan- I do prefer the grey to the tan variety, I think you could mix them but it might take much longer because I don’t know that I’d do it at random. I wonder if they will be coming out with more colors?

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