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Ok, it's about to get super real up in here. You may question why I'm talking about this topic. You may even question why you read my blog, but this is some serious business that I need to address.

Toilet paper.

I am a toilet paper snob. Growing up we always had high quality toilet paper, so I just thought that's what toilet paper was…cushy and strong. When I got to college I had a rude awakening that there were indeed other kinds of toilet paper, and on my low budget I caved and bought the cheapest kind. 

Well what's the point if you have to use twice as much and it still doesn't work that well? I learned my lesson the hard way there. Now as an adult, I've taken my obsession with toilet paper to a whole new level. You may even have seen glimpes of my crazy in pictures (like in this post of a bathroom tour)…

Now I really prefer the combo of a good toilet paper and the cleaning power of the wet wipe. TMI? perhaps. I told you I was keeping it real. 

A few weeks ago Cottonelle offered to send me some of their products to review, so of course being (apparently) obsessed with bathroom behavior, I said "Heck, yes!"- especially when they said they were sending along flushable wipes as well.  They really know how to woo this girl. <3

The folks at Cottonelle have really got it down though: you clean everything else with a cloth and water, right?  

There is some genius happening over at the Cottonelle website, seriously I was checking it out and laughing out loud and some of the pictures and videos. I think it's great they are making it easy to talk about (I mean I'm blogging about toilet paper for pete's sake).

The concept is simple, and trust me I'm already a believer. I just had one question: would the Cottonelle Care Routine hold up to my strict standards? 

The answer is yes! The Clean Care toilet paper is appropriately soft and strong, and I'd definitely continue to buy it. But the real star of the show are the flushable wipes- keyword being "flushable." We used to use baby wipes which are mostly non-flushable (don't tell the city sewer department…). I just assumed all wet-wipe-type-things would be. But the FreshCare wipes are safe for your septic/sewer system. They even come with a handy wall mount if you're so inclined, but I just keep them nearby. I love the clean, white packaging (much less distracting than my old baby wipes). 

So, how about you readers? Are any of you already using the wet+dry combo method? If you're not, I bet you'll like it if you try it 🙂

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  1. mary fran

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Cottonelle wipes! I buy them all the time…I too am a toilet paper fanatic. I panic if I have less than 10 rolls in the house! My husband has finally accepted my paranoia and completely understands when I frantically tell him…we “ONLY” have 5 rolls left in the house! He doesn’t even laugh anymore (at least when I am looking)!
    I appreciate the flushability of the wipes and they are very soft. And the container is so cute and petite!
    Thank Heaven I am not the only TP crazed woman in the world!!!

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