Did you know that? I was just contacted about this and obviously had to share because hellooo I’m the #1 consumer of paint in the entire country. Quite possibly.

SW National Painting Week!

One of my favorite paint companies is sponsoring this initiative to encourage you get moving on a painting project! My mom is visiting this week (YAY!), so I’m going to have to skip this (BOO!), but you better paint in my place! I actually just added 3 painting projects to my list in the past 15 minutes, clearly I have a problem. I can’t wait to get started, so I hope you will take advantage of the sale later in the week (40% off woohoo!) and get your paint on! Learn more about National Painting Week HERE!

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #SWPaintingWeek to share your project!


***I wasn’t perked or paid for this post, just wanted to share the paint-love, folks***

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