That’s what I did a few weeks ago after a failed attempt to whitewash the walls in the guest room.

Of course I had to do this right before my mom’s visit, so when it went horribly wrong I just closed the door after she left- leaving my experiment out of sight and out of mind.

Admittedly I’ve never white-washed before, but I read a few tutorials and thought I knew what I was doing. But the walls look BLUE! I don’t know if I need to put more paint on, or use a different white, or what. But they most definitely have a light blue tint. I painted on top of a dark walnut like stain thinking I’d end up with a nice grey wash. Err….not so much. Anyone have any expert advice? I mean I’m not opposed to going to full-on paint if necessary (the backup plan), but I’d kinda like the grey/rustic/wood look to show through. Here’s what I painted over:

DIY wood plank wall


I can’t get a good shot of what it looks like now because the lighting in there is bad…it’s not really capturing the true color. But after 2 coats of watered down Sherwin Williams “Creamy,” it looks definitely blue-ish. I’m planning to re-paint in there anyways, but I’d love to save my rustic wood plank look!!

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  1. Mary

    Yes! I agree with Runt, the wood plank wall in the photo is phenomenal!! Sooo gorgeous! Did you DIY that?? Definitely not trying to initiate regret if you’re beyond the point of no return– you have impeccable taste, so Im sure whatever you do will look amazing as well… Though it would be kinda tragic to lose all of that gorgeous rustic-ness under a full coat of regular paint!

    Side note- Stumbled across you’re blog from Pinterest & am LOVING it!! Love your sense of humor, superb taste, crafting fearlessness, and of course your sheer skill & creativity. Want to try literally every tutorial!

    • Rachael Evans

      Thank you that’s so sweet! Yes I did the wall 🙂 No worries, I loved it when I did it too, but I’m changing the decor in there and want a fresher look.

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