Can you feel it in the air yet? It’s crisp and dewy in the mornings here which means one thing: Fall Is Coming.

So obviously I’ve been knitting, making chili, and doing fall crafts. I’ve seen several versions of corn husk flowers floating around Pinterest, but the sunflower really caught my eye. So, I whipped up this little guy in about 15 minutes…

diy corn husk sunflower wreath


All you need is a glue gun, corn husks (like for making tamales), pine cones, and a circular form.

sunflower wreath materials

I know for a fact I have seen corn husks in regular grocery stores, including Walmart, but I went to 3 stores with no luck. You might also find them in craft stores. Fortunately where I live, we have a ton of specialty food stores where you can get ingredients for all types of ethnic cooking. I ended up having to ask for them after scouring the shelves and cruising by the delicious baked goods section more than once just to make sure I didn’t see them. I was beginning to think there was some kind corn husk shortage in this town, but it turned out that they hadn’t put out the new shipment yet.

I bought two packages just in case…but, I can safely say that I could make corn husk crafts for 5 years and still have some leftover for tamales.

In any case, I started by tearing them into petal-like strips to attach to my homemade circle form.

cutting the form

corn husk sunflower petals

Then I hot glued them around in a circle, adding different heights and layers until I thought it resembled a sunflower.

attaching petals

corn husk petals

Easy peasy! The hardest part was actually getting the pine cones to make a circle…I kept moving them around but couldn’t quite get there…eh, good enough.

pine cone center

How sad is it that I actually purchased pine cones from a craft store? Admit it, you’ve done it too.

I hot glued a long length of ribbon folded in half to the top of the circle form, and the wreath was born!

corn husk sunflower door hanging

I ended up moving it to the door in the kitchen, but the lighting was terrible for photos- sorry! So now that I have all these corn husks, does anyone have any other craft ideas for them??



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  1. Demetria @ Momzest

    Fun! I was just looking for a corn husk project to do with my kids. This one looks fairly easy to make. Did you also hot glue the pine cones in the middle?
    Thanks for sharing this!

    • Rachael Evans

      I did Demetria, it took a few tries just because they are odd shaped but they are all stuck on with hot glue (and still holding!).

  2. Chris

    You could make corn husk dolls. I’ve never made them but see tons of diys online. You can also make wreaths for other holidays occasions. Make a poinsettia wreath for Christmas. Soak the husks in a mixture of warm water, vinegar and Rit liquid dye (or I’m sure you could use some other type of dye).


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