Hello, Lovely Crafty Home friends! I’m Traci from Inspiring Homestyle, and I am THRILLED to be sharing my Burlap Christmas Trees with you!

Before becoming a blogger, I was a last minute holiday decorator, but now with Pinterest and so many fabulous DIY Blogs like Lovely Crafty Home to inspire me, I find myself dreaming about holiday projects far in advance!

I was browsing in my favorite craft store and saw some precious little burlap Christmas trees. I just love the natural earthy texture of burlap, and I think it is fabulous to mix it in with all the sparkly décor at Christmas. The burlap trees at the craft store were selling for between $10-$20 each depending on the size. Thinking like a budget conscious DIY-er, I felt like I could create 3 for the price of 1. Plus it would be so fun!

These were my materials:
3 pieces of poster board from a dollar store ($3 total) to make the cones
3 rolls burlap ribbon (around $10 total since I caught them on sale 50% off…yee ha!!!)
hot glue gun (every crafter should own one of these!)
1 can red spray glitter for the largest tree (optional for $4). I used natural burlap with no pattern and sprayed it with the red glitter.
I used three different widths of burlap just for experimentation purposes.

{Inspiring Homestyle}

{Inspiring Homestyle}

Personally, I think my favorite is the more narrow width. It was a little easier to work with and it turns out to have a tidier appearance.
Very simply, make various sizes of paper cones from poster board. I am no expert at making paper cones, I simply watched a You Tube video on how to do this. Check it out… Make a Paper Cone.


{Inspiring Homestyle}

Measure how much burlap you will need to wrap around the based of the cone. Fold the burlap in half and glue the top of the fold together.

{Inspiring Homestyle}

Cut strips about 1/2 of the way to the top of the fold all the way down the length of the burlap.

Simply wrap the strip around the base, and hot glue it to the cone. Continue the same process all the way to the top of the cone slightly overlapping each strip.

{Inspiring Homestyle}

For the topper, I simply crisscrossed two narrow strips of burlap, making an X and then glued them on the tip top.

{Inspiring Homestyle}

Although this is a very simple process, be prepared to spend up to an hour per cone. Don’t worry, you will get faster after the first cone!
These precious little burlap Christmas trees would make a thoughtful homemade gift or a great addition to your Christmas décor!

{Inspiring Homestyle}

Thank you, Rachael, for having me share my burlap Christmas trees! I hope to share more with you in the future!

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I am a full time Mom, Wife, Volunteer Worker, DIY-er and New Blogger at Inspiring Homestyle . I am having a blast making new friends all around Blogland!

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