I’m taking a poll…do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?

It seems like no sooner did we ring in the New Year then the craft stores were lining their shelves with red and pink. To be honest, before I started blogging, I never even considered decorating for this holiday. I tried it back in 2012, but apparently it didn’t stick!

Valentine's Day Foyer 5

So I think this year I will pass again (even though I do LOVE to see what other people do in their homes). Especially since one of our cats sat on my coffee filter heart and now it looks like this:

smashed coffee filter heart

I decorated my foyer before Christmas, and I’m planning on rocking this until Spring!

wintery foyer 1

wintery foyer 2

wintery foyer 3

Well, I may remove the sparkly “E” ornament 😉

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  1. Julie

    I don’t decorate for Valentine’s Day either. I like the look of natural decor that transitions from Christmas to winter with minimal effort.


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