Yay for getting back into some projects!

I finally decided to move forward with my idea of putting a window box on the large window in front of our house. The bed has been looking kind of empty since I transplanted the abelias elsewhere last summer.

empty flower bed

The only problem was that the window was wider than any box I could find. So, I recruited the hubs to help me make my own 🙂

We measured the length we needed, then bought enough 1x8s at Home Depot to construct the box. I just wanted something basic, no fancy mitered corners or anything.

putting the box together

I let Mike handle all the cutting, he’s just better and faster at it. If I was doing this on my own, I’d probably just have Home Depot cut all the wood for me before bringing it home. Also, please do not cut wood while kneeling on the edge of stairs.

cutting the wood


Once we had all the pieces cut, we began assembling the box.

window box tutorial

You’ll want to use wood glue and long screws (more than you think) to hold this thing together. Ask me how I know that.

The weight of the soil + plants + water adds up and if you don’t have enough screws the box will eventually start coming apart.

window box tutorial

We drilled some holes in the bottom for drainage, then held the box up and tested the fit.

testing the fit

We weren’t quite sure how to mount it still at this point. The goal was to damage the siding as little as possible, which meant putting up a bunch of brackets really wasn’t ideal. We managed to locate two areas (between each small window and the large one) where there was a stud we could drill directly into. Mike suggested 4 lag bolts -2 in each stud, so we marked and drilled the holes.

hanging the window box


hanging the box 2

After installing the box and making sure it was sturdy, we took the box down. At this point I went ahead and stained and sealed the box since it would be easier to do without it attached to the wall. I used Old Masters Gel Stain in American Walnut followed by Spanish Oak to get a nice dark finish. I sealed it with 3 coats of exterior polyurethane, then we re-installed the box!

stained diy window box

It sat empty for awhile as we had some late frosts and bad weather. But eventually I was able to pick up a few wave petunias and get them started. It doesn’t look very impressive right now, but maybe by the end of the summer I’ll have a full and beautiful display!

starting some plants

DIY window box

As for how our homemade box will hold up…only time will tell! I’ll let you know if it spontaneously falls off the wall 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Julie

    It looks great! I love that dark stain, it’s a nice contrast for the plants.

  2. Janet

    Looks great! Super Petunias are an easy flower too and they fill out nicely.

  3. Susan

    Great post! My husband and I built a mantel to go above the fireplace in a similar manner (obviously reversed)…however, I have a question that is kind of irrelevant. 🙂 Did you stain/make/install your window shutters? We just bought a new construction and are moving in a couple of weeks but the big front window has no shutters and I am thinking of adding some pretty wood ones. I like yours and I like how the shutters match the window box. Just curious! Thanks!


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