I love love love filling my house with fresh flower arrangements.

Tips for Simple Fresh Arrangements

We don’t all have budgets that allow for bouquets every week though, right? A few years ago I started growing some plants and herbs that make great cuttings for arrangements – all for free!

One of my favorite things to use in arrangements is herbs. They are easy to grow, edible, and fragrant! Rosemary, lavender, and mint all make great choices. Mint is VERY hardy and aggressive, so if you want to control it, keep it in a container. I let mine go a little wild on the side of my house, so I gave it a good pruning and used the cuttings in a simple table centerpiece.
using herbs in arrangements

While pricey blooms like roses and peonies can be impressive, really any type of flower or greenery can be beautiful when arranged en masse, if you will. A large bunch of mint on its own packs a punch, no showy blooms necessary.

fresh summer table

I had some baby’s breath from another arrangement I was doing for a party, so I added a couple of sprigs for contrast. Fern fronds from the Boston on my porch add more texture. It’s just about using what you have! Keeping the color palette in green makes all of the components look cohesive and elevates the whole arrangement. Just because it’s free or cheap doesn’t mean it has to look that way!

What are your favorite herbs? Have you ever used them in a floral arrangement?

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  1. Mary Fran

    Hi..I love doing this. I will use basil in an arrangement too. I think it’s fun and I just pluck some for a tomato Salad!
    I have a question…how do you keep your kitties from trying to eat the arrangement?


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