Between the fresh look of the mirror and the high flying curtain, I was really on a roll in the upstairs bathroom. Why yes I did just laugh out loud at myself for that one. Cue drum and cymbal.

I returned to my beloved can of spray paint for a quick and easy makeover for those chrometastic fixtures.

bathroom fixtures before


I used Rustoleum Metallic in Flat Burnish Amber (closest match to the new shower curtain rod) to cover all the towel/toilet paper roll holders and the hardware on the vanity.

spray paint your bathroom fixtures

updated bathroom fixtures with spray paint

vanity hardware update


Just a simple change, but it makes the room feel more cohesive. I’m still in need of a new rug though. I’ve been looking for weeks, but nothing is jumping out at me. Of course you’ll be the first to know when it does!

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  1. Judy

    why not make your own rug. Purchase a plane Jane rug, stencil or paint on the design you hope to fine.

  2. Katherine C.

    I love your spray painted hardware! I was thinking of doing the very same thing in our upstairs bath…my husband told me I was crazy. Can’t wait to tell him I’m not the only one who thinks of these things…and show him your pictures! They look great! My turn!

  3. Katherine C

    Very thrifty & I love the look. So much less expensive than replacing all the hardware. I will definitely be doing this.


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