Have you been following the evolution of my “E” Shrine?

Gallery Wall of Es

I’m not ready to post new wide shots yet (waiting to finish a few more to fill up the wall), but you can see some of the E related posts here and here. I knew this wall would not be complete without a string art version of my favorite letter.

Ombre String Art

I was reserving the spot right there in the corner for this very piece and had my husband cut a piece of scrap wood to fit. Then I spent way too long settling on the perfect font for my E and printing it to fit nicely on the 12×12 wood plaque. I stained the wood first, using several brown and gray tones I had on hand. Once it dried I taped my E to the wood and went to town with a hammer! For more details on this process, please visit my original string art tutorial. You can also see one of my other string art projects here.

It probably took 3 hours from nailing to finish, but I got in some good TV watching during that time 🙂 I chose three colors of purple to create a subtle ombre effect. I totally forgot when I bought the string, that the E next door was also purple. I may end up painting him.

String Art - The Letter E

Like most of the other Es on this wall, the string art is hung by Command Strip velcro. I love that stuff!

DIY String Art Letter

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