Siding, that is.

I love a well decorated porch.

{Less Than Perfect Life Of Bliss}

But I could never figure out how to accomplish hanging art on my vinyl siding without damaging it with holes.

{Better Homes & Gardens}

I tried my favorite Command brand products, but so far no luck. One day I had the notion that I should just google it. Literally “How to hang things on vinyl siding.” I don’t know how people did anything before the internet.

What I found were these bad boys…

Vinyl Siding Hooks

I ordered them online immediately! I couldn’t wait to try them out, especially on a piece of metal art I have been trying to hang outside for approximately a year. It used to hang in my living room. The package says to wedge them in between the seam of the vinyl…easy enough.

how to hang art on vinyl siding

I put two up for the art, and BOOM!

How To Use Vunyl Siding Clips To Hang ArtI cannot believe I didn’t find these little buggers sooner. I can’t wait to hang more things with them…perhaps a chalkboard??

Using Vinyl Siding Clips

6 Responses

  1. Tyla Beach

    This is awesome! Thanks for solving a problem for us all by researching it for us. Love this!

  2. Mary Fran

    I have found bigger metal ones at Home Depot, but I like these a lot more.
    I like the smaller hooks! I will have to get some of these!
    Thanks for the info!

  3. Tina

    I am still waiting for your response to my question, what kind of roll paper do I get for the brown bag floor/wall making. I need to know exactly so I know it will crinkle and have a “vein” effect after drying. HELP>


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