There’s been another DIY addition to my E Gallery Wall šŸ™‚ I’ve been wanting to do a large version of a scrabble letter for some time now, so I finally got to it!

I used a scrabble-ish font called “Scramble” from, but you can use any scrabble-like font you like. I bought a 5″ x 5″ plain pine wood square from the wood crafts section of Michaels. It’s very soft, so I decided to print my letter out and just trace over it on top of the wood while applying enough pressure to leave an outline.

Scrabble letter

Then I simply filled in the shape with a regular ol’ Sharpie. Easy peasy.

DIY Scrabble Letter E

I’ve added quite a lot of Es to my wall since the last time I took the wide shot – what do you think? (Sorry it’s not the best photo)

E Gallery Wall Update

Hallway E Gallery

Several people have mentioned to me that they are now starting their own letter gallery wall, and if you are one of those people, I would LOVE to see it. Send me pictures at

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    • Rachael Evans

      Thank you! Yes I have seen people spell things like “Home” and “Family” which looks really neat. I think it would be cool to put up all the family names in scrabble style if it can be done!

  1. Tanya

    So cute! The scrabble tile and cork are my fav. I love decor that is fun and personal!


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