By far, the most replaced piece of furniture in our house is…..the couch. Waaaaaay back when, we had a red couch. Check out this throwback picture from 2010, complete with empty frame gallery and couch potato.

Living Room 4

Yikes! Obviously I was still finding my style back then…and red was just not for me. Once the couch potato ate the cushions more than once, it had to go. I replaced it with a neutral piece – a nice Broyhill sofa from Craigslist which lasted a couple of years.

Eventually the chenille -like textured fabric really started pilling. I felt like no matter how much I cleaned it, it always looked dirty. So when our good friends were giving away this faux leather couch from their basement, we snatched it up.

living room update 3

It looked really nice, but had some structural problems (which we knew about). We also decided that we didn’t really like the leather-ish material, it wasn’t cushy like a fabric couch. So I’m glad we had this period of time to try it without investing in a new couch. So when a new “mega” furniture warehouse opened up down the street, we took advantage of their extra 20% off grand opening sale and picked up couch #4.

Living Room Tour 2014 - 1

Some of my friends said they couldn’t believe I actually bought a NEW couch. I know, it’s rare for me to indulge like this. But, we got it for a great price including a 5 year if-the-couch-gets-eaten type replacement warranty. So the way I see it, we could have this couch for 10 years. It’s neutral, classic in shape, and easy to clean.

I’m not overly enthused about the pillows it came with, but they’re hanging out for now.

Lovely Crafty Home Living Room Tour 2014

Here’s a brief little tour of the rest of the space. It is a bit hard to photograph the whole room, but hopefully you get the idea 🙂

Living Room Tour 2014

I’m trying to figure out what I want to do with the wall space between the gallery and the number canvas. Should I continue the frames more into the living room? Or put a different piece of art there? In real life, I don’t notice the “gap,” but it seems like it photographs as HUGE BLANK SPACE.

Living Room Tour 2014 - 3

I also really want to do something about the insanely obvious thermostat situation. I mean it basically glows. I’ve seen some clever solutions out there, but most of them involve covering it up, which to me seems like it would inhibit the ability of the thermostat to read the temperature of the house. I’m gonna have to think about that for a bit.

Living Room Tour - 5


Living Room Tour 2014 - 4

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  1. Mary Fran

    HI! Love the new couch. My couch is about 40 yrs old…It was my grandmother’s…She only bought top of the line things that last FOREVER! I had it reupholstered about 15 years ago now and it is still in pretty good shape. The hubby and I were thinking of getting a new one, but I don’t like to spend money on stuff that isn’t really “needed”!
    As for your “gap”…I think it looks fine empty. It doesn’t detract from either the gallery or the canvas! Less is more sometimes!
    The thermostat isn’t bad…plus the little glowing light probably looks good in the dark! 😉
    Your dog is beautiful by the way! Very regal!

    Thanks for the inspiration…I might have to get that new couch sooner rather than later!
    Mary Fran

  2. Jax

    Absolutely love the “final” look! Welcoming and comfortable looking but very stylish. I am curious on the color of the new sofa – it looks to be slate. I have a slate sofa and a blue(aqua-ish)/tan slipper chair – sort of the color of your throw on other seating. People have baulked that I put that combination together but I think it looks good. My walls are painted Cottonwood by Ralph Lauren – yours look to be a lighter tan(?)
    Thanks for posting – I have a few inspirations from your room!!

    • Rachael Evans

      It does have a blue-ish tint in certain light! The walls are Burnished Clay by Behr (Ultra).

  3. Leslie

    Hi, Rachel! I think there needs to be a different shaped item than the number canvas and the picture gallery in that area. Either a large round mirror, an oblong mirror, a feathered wreath, or even a tall floor plant would finish that area off nicely. I love to decorate and I am always changing things around the house. Good luck with your decision and I look forward to seeing the results!
    Leslie Young

  4. Felice

    Love the new couch. I have the same dilemma with buying new. My kids are so hard on our furniture. Is the couch brown or grey?

    By the way, I purchased a cheap picture frame, lightly bigger than my thermostat and “framed” it.

    Thanks for your posts and tutorials.


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