…and put it in my bedroom.

Faux Tree Decor

I wasn’t 100% sold on it, so I left the tags on it (please ignore!). It did give me an excuse to actually decorate the dresser for the first time ever!

Master Bedroom Vignette

Sorry for the picture quality, it was a bit overcast and our room doesn’t get great light all the time.

That brings me to my next point: the tree is fake.

I know, I know… maybe that’s weird or old fashioned. But, I really wanted to try out a tree before I invested a lot of money in something living that I’d probably kill. Or, maybe this placement just wouldn’t give a real plant enough light. To get something alive and this tall would also be quite a few pennies. I was able to get this faker for about $35 with a coupon at Michael’s, and it can go anywhere in the house without me having to worry about the right conditions. Or water. Because really that’s my main problem.

In any case, I’m digging it for now. It brightens up the space and adds interest. I may just remove the tags!

3 Responses

  1. Julie

    I really like it! I also have a hard time keeping plants alive. I bought a Norfolk Island Pine in December and it’s still looking good, that is a record for me!

  2. Noreen

    I think it was a good investment…. (yeah, I know I’m late with this response, but I’m new to your site…) and I have 2 non-real trees in my house, in places where I just needed a little something but knew real wouldn’t last. No one has noticed they aren’t real. So my job is done. Good deal!


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