I wanted to share a mini-project with you, just a finishing touch really. But I was inspired by our recent decision to tackle our basement clutter to complete some things I had left undone in the laundry area.

The hose attachment box left something to be desired in the aesthetics, but I was unable to cover it up with a picture frame like the other gaping hole.

Laundry Room - How To Cover an Eyesore

Laundry Room Before

When in doubt, frame it out 😉 I created a mini frame out of some scrap foam baseboard (side note: I love this stuff because it cuts so easily with a miter box and saw and is already white). Because I wasn’t dealing with a traditional solid surface, I decided to assemble 3 sides of the frame before hanging it. Just a little glue, spackle, sanding, and paint, and I was ready to hang it up! I painted it the same color as the wall (White Dove, BM) so it would blend in – unlike traditional trim work, which I would paint bright glossy white).

Laundy Room Hose Box - Add Trim

I made sure to leave enough room for a mini frame around the giant plug, which is yet to be constructed.

Trimmed Out Hose Box Laundry Room

I actually think this tiny little project made a HUGE difference. Check out this little before and after I whipped up.

Before and After

Ok, I also unplugged some stuff, but still. I was so inspired that I decided to finally make a real countertop for the middle area. Currently it’s just scraps of wood sort of painted white:

Updated Laundry Room


Stay tuned for that project 😉 I also picked up a $10 rug at Ross to add some warmth to the space. Now I wish the rest of the basement looked this “finished.” Oh well, maybe one day…hint hint hubs.

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