OMG. I am in love with my latest crafty project. You know how I love faux taxidermy, and I was lucky enough to get another addition to my paper mache collection last week – a longhorn skull!

It was made by a local artist and gifted to me by a dear friend.

So I decided to put my twist on it and hang it in my gallery wall 🙂

I was hoping to make my additions without having to use hot glue, but I plugged in the gun just in case. I had floral wire, floral tape, some shears, and a few stems of faux floral.

floral supplies

I started by attaching the largest flower, then – much like a real arrangement – I added each piece one at a time until I liked the way they looked. Originally I was using the wire, but the tape turned out to be a better idea. I left the stems long until I was pretty sure I liked the position, then I would trim them.

attaching flowers

Once I taped the first few flowers in place, the rest I just sort of stabbed into the bunch – no glue needed!

adding flowers to faux taxidermy

I absolutely love Lamb’s Ear, and the faux version looks surprisingly realistic. But the nice thing about working with faux floral is that you can pull off nagging leaves, or even swap them out to your liking 🙂

faux lambs ear

I couldn’t be more pleased with the final result, and for $13 (USE YOUR COUPONS!) in floral, I think the piece looks way more expensive than that!

Faux Floral Longhorn Skull

…and it’s non-permanent. How cool would it be to change the “headpiece” with the seasons??

DIY Floral Taxidermy Longhorn Skull

DIY Longhorn Floral Taxidermy

Longhorn Skull with Floral Headpiece

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