Well, us 🙂

Mike and I- Hiking

We aren’t going to get to spend our actual anniversary together this year, but we did celebrate by going for a little hike last weekend and indulging in some treats reminiscent of our wedding day.

A friend of ours tipped us off to this insane fire tower near Mt. Pisgah that supposedly had the best views. It’s called Fryingpan Tower, and boy, was it up there.

Can you spot it up on the top left?

Frying Pan Tower 4

The hike itself was pretty short, basically a steady incline on a gravel road. When we got up to the top, it was even more intimidating up close.

Frying Pan Tower 3

Um yeah, I was starting to question the structural integrity of this beast. The very top is closed, but we did manage to walk up maybe 3 flights before the height was just too much. It didn’t matter, we still got some awesome views!

Frying Pan Tower 1

Frying Pan Tower 2

Someone else was a little uncertain of the height, but enjoyed the hike.

Millie Frying Pan TowerWhen we got back, we decided to indulge in some truffles from a local chocolate shop…the same shop who provided truffles for our wedding, French Broad Chocolate Lounge.

I picked up a box of their Fall Collection, because obviously it would be amazing.


French Broad Chocolates

They were out of the Pear & Chevre, so I ordered a Salted Caramel to replace it (bottom left). I’ll definitely have to go back for that one though.

French Broad Chocolates Fall CollectionThey certainly didn’t disappoint. Mike and I had fun taking 1 bite of each, even though he proclaimed it was the first time he’d ever not popped the whole thing in his mouth at once haha. I like the unusual combinations a lot, and especially reading more about them in the detailed little insert provided in the box.

The Fall Collection French Broad ChocolatesFrench Broad always puts out an amazing product! I think my favorite was the pumpkin, followed by the rosemary hot toddy. Because these were all gluten free, I didn’t feel too guilty eating them (#notpaleo #stillworthit). They do ship, by the way 😉 Overall it was a great day celebrating 7 years of marriage, and almost 10 years together.

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